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ITNG back on the bedtime hour!!!

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scrappydappydoo Mon 25-Aug-08 22:32:39

new bedtime schedule is: Charlie and Lola, Andy Pandy, then ITNG! As of Saturday... finally..

Bit hmm though as i think it has more to do with merchandising before Christmas..

And yes before anyone starts i know there is more to life than tv and I do read my dd's bedtime stories...

HappypillsGalore Mon 25-Aug-08 22:34:54

bedtime hour rocks.
i get some precious mn time then.

i wish it were an hour earlier tho.
some people are never satisfied, eh?

LittlePushka Mon 25-Aug-08 22:52:08

Oh I love cebeebies! But DS caught a glimpse of heliopter heroes (Air ambulance real life drama, blood, crashes, motorbikes etc) that Id recorded and has lost his enthusiasm for P.Pat /B. Builder/ Ninky Nonk.

Oh dear...wink

TheHedgeWitch Mon 25-Aug-08 23:18:37

Message withdrawn

LittlePushka Mon 25-Aug-08 23:21:37

Oh, well, HelicopterHeroes is on BBc 1 for aduts at 9.15 am... so I only have myself to blame for the acciental viewing!!

callmeovercautious Mon 25-Aug-08 23:23:59

Thank goodness Charlie and Lola are still on!

sheilatakeabow Mon 25-Aug-08 23:26:02

That's excellent news. Does this mean no more Rubba Dubbas - great theme tune, terrible programme

hatrick Mon 25-Aug-08 23:31:07

Message withdrawn

LittlePushka Mon 25-Aug-08 23:31:39

But I must say that I am not a great fan of Iggle Piggle. is it just me or is he a complete wet? Carries a blanket and fallover in faint every time a stressful event occurs.

I do, however, owe a debt of gratitude to Makka Pakka for teaching DS how to wash things (particularly his face) with soap.

puffling Mon 25-Aug-08 23:34:05

But I want Blue Cow.

TheHedgeWitch Mon 25-Aug-08 23:53:01

Message withdrawn

LittlePushka Mon 25-Aug-08 23:55:27

Sorry Hedge Witch!
CBeebies is the channel 6pm to 7pm

TheHedgeWitch Mon 25-Aug-08 23:59:40

Message withdrawn

gigglewitch Tue 26-Aug-08 00:03:44

thank gawd for that. DD will be grin

LittlePushka Tue 26-Aug-08 00:19:59

If you get a moment, take a peek at the CBeebies web ite, it is FAB! I checked it out to down load the Do You Know It's Springtime jingle.

Amongst lots of other stuff, you can search the programme name and it will tell you when it is on. Hurrah!

Hate the birthday messages. What is the point of them?..perhaps I am being uncharitable.

MamaMimi Tue 26-Aug-08 00:33:25


DD - "I HATE Night Garden" (I can actually see why)

She much prefers programmes on the current schedule.

Never mind, was sure to change at some point.

As callmeovercautious says, TG Charlie and Lola will still be on, and dd does actually like Andy Pandy, so it's not all bad.

ceebee74 Tue 26-Aug-08 08:34:17

I saw the trailer this morning and thought 'yes'!

The 'bedtime hour' has just not been the same since they took ITNG off and DS is going to be so pleased when it is back on (as am I as I do quite miss it grin)

MrsDougRoss Tue 26-Aug-08 17:12:13

was hoping to be the first to break this news. i will not miss the rubbadubbers or zoo lane.

Raahh Tue 26-Aug-08 17:49:44

hurray! although i fell prey to the advertising and shameless merchandising last xmas- and the singing upsy daisy was beyond a doubt THE BEST PRESENT i have ever bought ANYONE EVER .8 months on, it has no eyes, has been through the was a million times, and Dd[2 last week] calls everyone daisy...grin it never leaves her sight, and we even managed a holiday and didn't lose it. grin

ITNG, we love you....

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