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Why is Cbeebies programming so wonky?

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Tippychick Mon 25-Aug-08 19:20:26

We were at home today and got to watch Me Too, which DD loves but we never see as it's about the only programme that isn't repeated in the afternoons and weekends. But it's entirely based on and so you would think aimed at, children who attend childminders etc with working parents. That's the point of the programme. So why not show it when the parents and children could have an outside chance of watching it, not at 9am on weekdays only?
Why have the Storymakers and Night Garden programmes (also not repeated) been moved from nap time and bedtime slots, again - you'd think that was the point of them, and chucked randomly into the programming? Would the fact that the shops are groaning with ITNG merchandise not give a clue to the popularity of the show compared to, say, Big Arse Little Arse? Or crappy imports like Lazytown or Finley?
Plus (sorry, may as well get it all out while I'm venting) - why waste licence payer's money on another low budget, pointless, cringingly bad programme like Bits and Bobs when you could buy repeats of Tots TV, Rosie and Jim etc - BAFTA award winning educational TV? Why spend money getting celebrities to read Jackanory Junior when the children will have no idea who they are? Pre-schoolers aren't in Jo Brand's usual fan base - hello?

Grrrrrr, a wet bank holiday, had to punctuate our activities with bouts of cbeebies and it's got me all riled grin. My own fault for being a bad parent who relies on tv to get the dinner on, obviously.

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