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The Tudors again....

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ipanemagirl Sun 24-Aug-08 23:59:45

It is awful isn't it but I watched the latest episode to the end with my mother. She felt that JRMyers is unforgiveably young for the role and should have been more fetid looking and more like the paintings we have of him.

And all that 'madge' stuff and Anne sobbing in her bed and Anne's brother and the hugely gay musician, and Henry trying to give Anne one and her refusing. It's all so lame somehow. When the real story was pretty exciting!

TwoIfBySea Mon 25-Aug-08 22:34:18

I said it before on the other thread and I'll say it again...

Joss Stone as Anne of Cleves.

If that doesn't sum up the series then nothing will (am trying to figure out if it will be this series or next and wasn't Henry a fattie with a disgusting sore on his leg by then, he certainly was when he married Katherine Howard.)

sleepycat Mon 25-Aug-08 22:36:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TsarChasm Mon 25-Aug-08 22:40:53


I love any old history things but even I can't watch this one. It's sort of 'Ye Hollyoaks'.

TwoIfBySea Mon 25-Aug-08 22:47:10

sleepycat, note that I didn't say I wasn't watching it grin

Slubberdegullion Mon 25-Aug-08 22:49:32

It's so bad, it's good. And Jeremy Northam being all pious is just really hot

SaintGeorge Mon 25-Aug-08 22:52:46

JRMyers is at least a decade too young and his hair is the wrong colour.

He didn't start piling on the weight until after Anne's time though so.

SaintGeorge Mon 25-Aug-08 22:53:50

Henry piling on the weight obviously, not Mr Myers.

ipanemagirl Tue 26-Aug-08 22:58:07

LOL at Ye Hollyoaks Tsar*

, I thought that was a wind up, it isn't TRUE about Joss Stone is it???? shock that's appalling.

LOL slubber @ JNortham's piety being hot! I hadn't thought of it but now you mention it...... grin!

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Tue 26-Aug-08 23:29:05

A few things I'm upset about - ABs thin upper lip and I noticed JRMs' Irish accent in the last episode.

sleepycat Tue 26-Aug-08 23:30:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ipanemagirl Wed 27-Aug-08 09:59:42

JRMyers is a totally appalling HAM.

His self-love is so violent that he always looks like he's about to pleasure himself in some unpleasant way. He's awful and should stick to modelling for aftershave ads, stinkingly bad actor.

TwoIfBySea Thu 28-Aug-08 15:08:30

I've read it in three different newspapers/magazines ipanemagirl. I fear it is not a joke.

But it will be interesting.

Would Joss consider herself apt to play the Mare of Flanders?

ipanemagirl Thu 28-Aug-08 18:31:21

I'm afraid you are entirely right...


TheOldestCat Thu 28-Aug-08 19:53:12

I liked the scene with Henry walking in on Anne Boleyn about to breastfeed baby Elizabeth and saying 'oh no, queens don't do that...especially when it's not a boy' (or something).

Prompted me to imagine Anne B (posting as 'lizziesmummy' or 'hopingforaboy' perhaps) to start a thread on Ye Olde Mumsnette 'AIBU to expect DH to support my right to BF?'

ipanemagirl Fri 29-Aug-08 07:18:51

Oh yea Oldest Cat I wouldst marry enjoy such a thread!

and she didn't blink one eyelid when he said and I'm sending her away to her own household...... Seemed a little indifferent for a woman who was supposed to be formidable and for many years had Henry eating out of her hand!

pippypoppypanda Fri 29-Aug-08 07:55:01

LOL am I the only one who loves this programme????!!!!

Although I did notice the irish accent coming through too ........ grin

LaVieEnRose Fri 29-Aug-08 08:14:27

the woman who plays Anne acts with her nostrils! If any emotion is needed then all she does is flare them!

TheOldestCat Fri 29-Aug-08 20:11:43

ipanemagirl - you're quite right; was that the case for royal infants? Is it true that Katharine of Aragon and Mary were kept apart for so many years? Must go find out...

pppypoppypanda - I love the programme too! It's just ridiculous, but great fun. With you on the nostrils, Laavieenrose. I think Anne is a great actor, though perhaps that's because Henry is rather wooden.

boogeek Fri 29-Aug-08 20:15:26

I love this programme too, though it is truly dreadful
DH drives me mad throughout by going ooh I don't think that really happened and nipping off to google it then spoiling it with facts. He's secretly hooked too, though.

TheOldestCat Fri 29-Aug-08 21:14:27

We do the same thing, boogeek. DH has a mug with nobles Henry VIII killed - we have been trying to identify them...

I hope you are all enjoying it. Instead, we are watching United getting tonked by St Petersburg grin

(I'm taping The Tudors, obviously.)

expatinscotland Fri 29-Aug-08 21:20:31

Ann did indeed express a wish to breastfeed Elizabeth herself.

And Henry did indeed turn her down.

At the end of the day, women were chattel.

Thomas covered his arse and his assets, with plenty of help from his equally clever wife and family and powerful friends.

Henry immediately regretted having executed him, with good reason. He was an excellent statesman and the first Londoner to be canonised as a saint.

expatinscotland Fri 29-Aug-08 21:21:49

anexcellentaccount of the life of Thomas More, born in Cheapside.

TheOldestCat Fri 29-Aug-08 21:31:44

Thanks for that, expat.

I suggested that one of the poor souls on DH's mug was Sir T More, but he wasn't noble by birth so unworthy of commemoration in china.

DH bought said mug on a school trip and can recall the details many years later!

TheOldestCat Fri 29-Aug-08 21:32:33

DH adds 'I think it might be the most snobby mug ever'. grin

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