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Andrew Marr, perfect face for radio........

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ipanemagirl Sun 24-Aug-08 23:20:27

Great series, Britain from above or whatever it's called.... But lordy, he's too much to look at! And the script is so over the top

The earth's crust, belching, billowing, bulging and bursting into crespuscular cracking crevices etc etc, I mean who wrote that sh**? Were they on drugs or something? Calm down already and the swirling music and the going on and on and on about how the only way we will only know anything ever is if we go up in the air in many ways and look down upon this country whoop! swoop about! ridiculously hysterical music, hugely pompous script, great claims of selfimportance! Just SHUT UP! Good programme but stop being so hysterical. They've all watched Coast and are just out of control with the music and the Great Claims and the swooping!
Please tell me I'm not alone!

minorbird Sun 24-Aug-08 23:27:36

Completely agree! Didnt even know that was the presenters name but knew thats who you meant before I even clicked on the thread! Yes how OTT is it? And rather random too! I can see how it could be a really interesting programme if it didnt take itself so blardy seriously!

kiskidee Sun 24-Aug-08 23:29:59

yup. the superlatives must be his way of compensating for the face. haven't watched it btw, the ad for it is barf inducing enough.

ipanemagirl Sun 24-Aug-08 23:39:24

Phew, glad I'm not alone!

It's as if every minute of the programme they feel they have to justify its existence! It's so defensive/aggressive! And the script! Don't you just want to slap the executives who didn't get a big pen and write CALM DOWN YOU EEJITS all over it!

Unbelievable! Great pictures and science and lovely idea almost spoilt by this manic presentation.... weird.

raggety Sun 24-Aug-08 23:58:58

I think the bbc has been like this for a good few years - the Attenborough blue Planet series, Coast, etc., etc..

Masses of over-dramatic, boomy-voiced previews in advance of a series which is basically just an on-location version of what the Open University used to churn out in the 70s a la brown slacks/long-collared shirt/brown-and-orange tank top/6am BBC2.

In these modern OU programmes, the previews start weeks in advance and make huge exciting claims about what the series is going to be about, but the actual programme never lives up to it. More than half the programme is taken up with telling us what the programme is going to be about, then telling us what it is about, then telling us what it has been about - and that, after all, it was all rather inconclusive and dull. But a great promotion job to increase the viewing figures and a jazzy way of doing a science programme and fulfilling the BBCs educational remit.

ipanemagirl Mon 25-Aug-08 00:05:23

I agree Ragetty, this series really suffers from the Coastenvy doesn't it? It's all so overblown isn't it? And so insecure somehow, and the styles all imitate each other rather than just trying to be their own thing.
I mean the material in this series is very interesting and I don't mind Marr going up in 700 different flying machines but it's the language, music, hysteria and selfjustification and as you say constantly restating the mission of the programme - it's so lacks balls!
Just do the programme well and stop being so pathetic.
I think the whole commissioning process is split between terrified people who think they're about to lose their jobs and terrified big wigs who only stay in one job for long enough to switch networks and triple their pay package. All this short term hysteria just seems to churn out programmes that are essentially demented and make me feel demented when I watch them!
Forgive rant......
I need to go to bed and stop fretting.....

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