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Just realised that Nick Jr is back on Telewest!

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rickman Thu 17-Feb-05 19:02:09

Message withdrawn

tamum Thu 17-Feb-05 19:10:28

Oh thank you! I just went and turned on Maggie and the Ferocious Beast to great scenes of rejoicing

SoupDragon Thu 17-Feb-05 19:16:55

Oh, I love Maggie and the Ferocious Beast...

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Thu 17-Feb-05 19:18:15

Yes a relief here too. Although must say dd just started watching cbeebies instead. I think I was more p'd off as I was paying for it and not getting it. I also love Max and Ruby, it's so sweet.

tamum Thu 17-Feb-05 19:20:09

Soupy, I mentioned on here before that I got dd a DVD of it because she was so sad about it not being on any more, and they had different voices . Beast sounded like a teenager

SoupDragon Thu 17-Feb-05 19:21:01

I watched it in Amercia once and it was just wrong! Same with Bob the Builder.

tamum Thu 17-Feb-05 19:23:12

It's just not right is it. Even if they did invent it.

janeybops Thu 17-Feb-05 19:33:50

oh how exciting we have missed it. will go and check in a mo to see if it is true!

Davros Sat 19-Feb-05 10:36:37

Hoooray! Sponge Bob Square Pants

lockets Sat 19-Feb-05 10:37:37

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Sat 19-Feb-05 10:38:08

little bill!

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