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Strictly Spoiler - Have you seen who is rumoured to be on this year??!!

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Moomin Fri 22-Aug-08 18:01:07

Teddy Sheringham
Gary Rhodes
Heather Small
Mel Sykes
Lisa Snowden
Rachel Stevens (makes my heart sink for reasons I am not at liberty to divulge at this time)

but worst of all....... Jodie Kidd shock!!!

read al about it

'course... probably not true, but anyway..

Turniphead1 Fri 22-Aug-08 18:19:24

when's it on Moomin? NEEED strictly to come back to get me through my third trimester...

Gory Rhodes in a tux. Double vom.

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 22-Aug-08 18:38:45

lol @ Gory !!

Turniphead1 Fri 22-Aug-08 18:46:37

Gory!! A true freudian slip

LaVieEnRose Fri 22-Aug-08 19:07:34

I read in Now

Lawrence Dallaglio
Dwain Chambers
Kelly Brook (again)
Zara Phillips hmm
Carol Vorderman
Davina McCall
Joe Swash (who?)
Richard Madeley
Richard Hammond
Adrian Chiles

I would take the above with a huge pinch of salt wink

3andnomore Sat 23-Aug-08 11:38:58

Isn't Peter Andre also meant to be on Strictly this year?

Oh and when is this years strictly starting? I have heard it's on for even longer than last year...apparently Craig and Arlene weren't happy with being expected to work more weeks for the same money they did in previous years....

3andnomore Sat 23-Aug-08 11:40:37

Just looked at the SCD website...and it says that on the 28th of August they will reveal the new contestants, etc...

LaVieEnRose Sat 23-Aug-08 11:46:08

Starts 13th Sept and will run for 2 extra weeks.

According to Now magazine grin

3andnomore Sat 23-Aug-08 11:52:40

hopefully they got that right

Moomin Sat 23-Aug-08 12:43:56

Yet another reason to LOVE the Autumn! I heart Strictly. The music makes me go all unnecessary.

sockmonkey Sat 23-Aug-08 13:04:07

OOOOOHHHHHH Richard Hammond! I hope so!

JimJammum Sat 23-Aug-08 19:45:49

Anyone know how to get tickets to go and see it at BBC??? I heard you had to apply in a 2 week window and then names were drawn at random. Never left my baby overnight, but would be prepared to if it meant seeing SCD blush....

3andnomore Sat 23-Aug-08 21:04:25

info about tickets

Moomin Thu 28-Aug-08 20:52:19

Line up confirmed!!

Hulababy Thu 28-Aug-08 20:53:30

3andnomore - link not working

Moomin Thu 28-Aug-08 20:54:30

<groan> at usual GMTV numpty who'll be kept in despite obvious lack of co-ordination, kept in by dullard viewers hmm

altho as he used to be a sportsman he might not be as bad as Fiona Phillips

Hulababy Thu 28-Aug-08 20:56:01

Rachel Stevens
John Sergeant
Andrew Castle
Phil Daniels
Don Warrington
Gary Rhodes
Tom Chambers
Heather Small
Gillian Taylforth
Jessie Wallace
Jodie Kidd
Cheri Lunghi
Christine Bleakley
Lisa Snowdon
Mark Foster
Austin Healey

Moomin Thu 28-Aug-08 20:59:13

Who are:
Don Warrington
Tom Chambers
Christine Bleakley???

Am depressed at Rachel Stevens being in sad GAH

Moomin Thu 28-Aug-08 20:59:52

and grin at the fake tan-off between professional female dancers and Jessie Wallace

Hulababy Thu 28-Aug-08 21:00:48

Apply for tickets hre

Random draw, max tockets is 2, over 16s only

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Thu 28-Aug-08 21:01:22

Do you think that two left feet and bad co-ordination is considered a desirable skill when applying for GMTV?

Question in GMTV presenters interview -

Q. Do you have any performing arts skills - singing, dancing or acting?

A. No

The job's yours!

(In fact, I think I may be just right for the GMTV sofa)

IWishIWasALittleBitTaller Fri 29-Aug-08 19:39:42

Just applying for tickets, I can go to any from 8 Nov onwards, should I apply for every show and let them randomly choose which one I go to (if I am lucky enough to get picked).

Or just pick one and cross my fingers?

What would you do? Or have done?

Raahh Fri 29-Aug-08 19:54:19

<< hijack to say iwiwalbt- i love your name, as i am only 4ft 8 grin>>

Christine Bleakley presents the One show with Adrian Chiles.
Don Warrington was in Rising Damp.
I think the Tom bloke is in Holby, or something...

Go to all the shows....grin

ceebee74 Fri 29-Aug-08 19:56:54

Moomin - what is the deal with Rachel Stevens? Why are you so 'down' on her?

I actually think Andrew Castle may be the dark horse this year.

IWishIWasALittleBitTaller Fri 29-Aug-08 20:01:27

Anybody else applied for tickets? I am so excited at the prospect of going, keep duh-ing the theme tune around the house grin

<<thanks raahh!>>

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