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Why do they advertise CBebbies and CBBC at 10pm?!

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Hulababy Wed 16-Feb-05 22:02:08

Just seen an advert on TV for CBeebies, and have noticed them more and more recently for both CBebbies and CBBC. But at 10pm???

secur Wed 16-Feb-05 22:04:06

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 16-Feb-05 22:05:26

You may be right?!

Or is it to remind parents, who are happy relaxing after the DCs are in bed, glass of wine in hand - that their children will be up and about no later than 6am and maybe they should go to bed now!

jangly Wed 16-Feb-05 22:07:22

Is it part of the campaign to encourage everyone to get a digi box, so they can shut down analogue television?

secur Wed 16-Feb-05 22:07:46

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 16-Feb-05 22:08:39

I prefer that last suggestion

<<<sneaks off to refill glass of wine>>>

secur Wed 16-Feb-05 22:12:27

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 16-Feb-05 22:13:27

Off to bed I reckon. Just remembered that I do actually have to work again tomorrow so 6:15 get up again.

Can't belive I agreed to work 3 days at the prison this half term. I must have been mad!

secur Wed 16-Feb-05 22:14:44

Message withdrawn

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