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One of my favourites films.................

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MarsLady Wed 16-Feb-05 00:15:57

The Breakfast Club now on BBC1 again

No early night for me lol

HunkerMunker Wed 16-Feb-05 00:16:49

Ooh, I love that film too!

MarsLady Wed 16-Feb-05 00:17:48

I'm convinced we are the only 2 people awake hm

Love Judd Nelson. Wish he were in more films!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HunkerMunker Wed 16-Feb-05 00:19:50

DH has just said 'You didn't see Judd Nelson in anything much after this"!!

HunkerMunker Wed 16-Feb-05 00:20:01

So, it's you, me and DH awake!

HunkerMunker Wed 16-Feb-05 00:22:10

But I'm going to flake out now, hun. Night night! xxx

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 00:22:26

and me

MarsLady Wed 16-Feb-05 00:23:33

He was in a really good "lawyer" film thingy and his character was "Stormy" Weather. Can't remember the name of movie, my sister would remember.

Talking of my sister, my 16 yo niece has just p*ssed her right off. She bought tickets to a concert and was spending the night at her friends house. When my sis called to see if she was ok she was greeted with a mouth full of abuse. My sis got straight in her car and brought her home. What makes it worse is that she found her current school report. After having had a brilliant report she now has one that constantly says how disappointing her work is now and one bit even said bordering on argumentative. My sis not happy.

So that's 4 of us awake

MarsLady Wed 16-Feb-05 00:23:55

Don't go.... you made Gwen stay up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 00:25:15

nope haven't stayed up late 'yet' - still got 5 minutes Left

MarsLady Wed 16-Feb-05 00:26:10

Will you make it?

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 00:40:11

nope still got too many 'closing soon' competitions to finish entering on

MarsLady Wed 16-Feb-05 00:48:21

have you gone to bed now Gwen? Must look at this competition website, coz I need another reason to be awake late lol

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 00:54:40

Nope - just started another days worth of 'closing competitions' - I might go in another 10-15minutes..........

MarsLady Wed 16-Feb-05 01:01:15

bl**dy new website to spend too much time on. Should just watch Breakfast Club and go to bed. should really just go to bed

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 01:02:10

you know you don't REALLY want to go to bed

MarsLady Wed 16-Feb-05 01:03:02

My eyes are beginning to close which means the DTs will wake any second now.

gotta go and leave ya Gwen. Sorry

Nite nite honey, bugs, bites etc......

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 01:03:56

cya sleep well

MarsLady Wed 16-Feb-05 01:04:38


DillyDally Wed 16-Feb-05 12:49:49

I stayed up and watched this too...I love Judd Nelson even with his super size honker of a nose.

Emilio E has very odd shaped face I thought last night.

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