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Cbeebies - someone who is more sickly than Sarah Jane!

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Lowryn Mon 14-Feb-05 15:08:02

Ugh, they had Sarah from the new programme Razzledazzle on cbeebies a few minutes ago. She made my stomach turn. I think she is worse than Sarah Jane...if that's possible.
Anyone else seen her?

marthamoo Mon 14-Feb-05 15:17:41

Haven't seen her but don't believe it's possible!

gingerbabe Mon 14-Feb-05 15:31:12

Yes I saw it. Don't think it is a programme I will be suggesting that DD1 and 2 watch. She is very annoying - just far too false and sickly.

prunegirl Mon 14-Feb-05 15:33:35

Message withdrawn

marj Mon 14-Feb-05 15:52:26

I saw the new girl Sarah and actually thought she was a bit scary the way she was staring down the camera! Wont encourage my ds to watch her.
Has anyone seen the show, is it any good?

Pinotmum Mon 14-Feb-05 15:59:38

That girl from Zing a long is worse that Sarah Jane.

mishi1977 Mon 14-Feb-05 15:59:43

i saw the new sarah and Ds as he is with sarah jane was glued...argghhhhhhhh Why o why did i have to put it on

DaddyCool Mon 14-Feb-05 16:10:16

c'mon now. i like sarah jane but i like naomi from milkshake better.

(how am i doing gingerbear?)

kymbo Mon 14-Feb-05 16:10:41

I dunno if she's worse than Sarah-Jane,but she's really annoying all the same. Is it the one from Razzledazzle,that just started today? As soon as I saw her on the advert for it I knew she'd get on my t*ts!

WideWebWitch Mon 14-Feb-05 16:12:44

Sarah Jane's got to be well under 30 don't you reckon prunegirl? I don't think she's anywhere near 40. I'm not mad keen on her either. But I don't think she's there for my benefit

gingerbear Mon 14-Feb-05 16:13:56

not bad, but you must get others to discuss else it doesn't count.
(PS are your sarnies still in your man-bag?)

lilsmum Mon 14-Feb-05 16:14:21

i also thought the new sarah was abit freaky!!! when she did that drip thing with nicole!!! weirdo!!! lol

DaddyCool Mon 14-Feb-05 16:16:56

sarnies are all gone GB. now my man-bag is empty .

I was just going to post as usual but put 'naomi' in brackets after each post. i thought that would do the trick but you're moving the goal posts!

Tissy Mon 14-Feb-05 16:23:09

actually, my dh fancies naomi, too, and dd and I love doing the "shake shake" as dd cals it!

Gwenick Mon 14-Feb-05 16:25:47


more sarahjane

how old do you think

I reckon she must be in her late 20's???

ButtonMoon Mon 14-Feb-05 16:28:22

I am very scared....very large forehead (needs a fringe!!) and scrunches her face up when she smiles...I am transfixed as I can't believe someone is so OTT. Deffo more irritating than SJ tho! the bloke on Razzledazzle advert also looks irritating. Programme is ok...dd enjoyed it particularly the ending song "...everywhere you go just listen...all around you...." God I must get out more!! lol

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 14-Feb-05 16:40:27

She's awful isn't she? We turned on and there she was. Need to check the scheduling and make sure to be elsewhere...

Hulababy Mon 14-Feb-05 16:42:41

I didn't see this as I think I was having a shower, but now know why DD has been singing razzle dazzle all morning I guess.

WigWamBam Mon 14-Feb-05 18:14:36

It's the manic, staring eyes that freak me out ...

coppertop Mon 14-Feb-05 18:25:14

As soon as I saw this thread title I knew EXACTLY who it was going to be about. I didn't think it was possible but I have now finally found someone more awful than Sarah-Jane. Aaaarrrggghh!

Davros Mon 14-Feb-05 18:34:06

I kept thinking the new Sarah is crossed-eyed, she was staring so intensely.

coppertop Tue 15-Feb-05 18:38:09

Anyone else feel an overwhelming urge to hand the Razzledazzle bloke a pair of tweezers to sort out his unibrow? <shudder>

WigWamBam Tue 15-Feb-05 21:19:01

Or a pair of scissors to deal with that vile tie.

Davros Tue 15-Feb-05 22:46:55

lol at "unibrow". Is that bloke some sort of post-modern ironic character? Or just an arse? I've never seen anyone so naff on TV, what a pair they are and the programme makes Boogie Beebies seem like Mastermind.

bea Wed 16-Feb-05 12:04:12

ugh! i hated it too.. and she does have a minis look in here eyes... felt lie she was tring to draw me into her web of razzldazzle!!!

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