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Casualty on Saturday.

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billa Mon 11-Aug-08 19:21:52

Can anyone fill me in on what happened? I was at a cousin's wedding and forgot to sky+ it.

minko Mon 11-Aug-08 20:28:18

Ooo - it was great!
I don't know anyone's name so bare with me... The head honcho finance lady tried to blackmail the Asian doctor and Asian Doctor (AD from now on - sorry) ended up handing her the critical notes to Maggie's case. She tore them up and put them in the bin outside the court.

Then there was a drama back in A+E and AD had to go help. Charlie gave her pressure avout what had happened to the evidence.

Back in court she ended up spilling the beans about her blackmail and delivering the evidence to get Maggie off - hurrah! But she ended up telling the court about her affair with Dr Sanderson(?) And her of Damon + Debbie got right upset but fell into the arms of Dr Dark and Brooding.

Charlie proposed to Maggie(!) but Maggie ended up deciding to leave and was going to go to Serbia to take a relative of the Serbian Ambo girl home. Then go travelling.

Finance head honcho and private clinic bloke in big trouble with criminal courts.

Um, there was more but that was the important stuff.

somersetmum Mon 11-Aug-08 20:40:16

Also, some stuff with Ruth and Toby. Toby persuaded the press reporters that his mother had stitched him up with to get off his back and follow Ruth instead, by telling them about her suicide attempt. Ruth got very upset and told Toby's mother. He also tried to let Ruth take the blame for the dodgy operation he did on the girl, wonky pins that would cripple her. Ruth told Toby's mother the truth and she (mother) has disowned him.

Ab's alcoholic mate missed another clinic appointment. His girlfriend turned up to check up on him, ended up being comforted by Abs, ended up snogging just when alcoholic boy arrived.

LackaDAISYcal Mon 11-Aug-08 20:41:33

you can watch it on the pooter on BBC iplayer smile

lol at minkoo's synposis though. pretty spot on grin except the girl maggie is taking home is the daughter of the illegal immigrant guy who was ill with chest probs and was crushed when a rockfall landed on him as he was being stretchered out of the JCB.

and toby is in trouble after telling the journo about Ruth's suicide attempt and he is going to try and fix his patient's leg himself rather than admit he made a mistake. His mum found out about his slip to the journo and his mistake with the patient and told him he's "on his own"

anniebear Tue 12-Aug-08 08:54:05

wasnt it a good episode

have waited for maggie and charlie to get together for ages sad

cant stand the Abs (I do like him though) pixie looking girl and the Lyndsey?? storyline

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