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Hollyoaks - what has happened to MAndy's husband and new baby?

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deaconblue Fri 08-Aug-08 11:09:52

She came to visit for Steph and Max's wedding, stayed because he died but what has she done with her new husband and baby? Are they not missing her while she works in Mobs?

YumeeMumee Fri 08-Aug-08 18:02:29

Eithr she left new hubby or he kicked her out but she is now single mum. She went to Tony for help and he gave her cash for a deposit on a flat...much to Jacqui's disapproval.
Not sure what happened to the baby! This all happened just before Max died sad

clarebear1 Sun 10-Aug-08 00:15:10

ella is somewhere duno where tho,he left her £3000 in his will didnt he!

AuntieMaggie Sun 10-Aug-08 00:20:04

what about zoe? i thought she was preggers with mike's baby but must have missed something because nothing's been mentioned lately

1wish Sun 10-Aug-08 00:20:46

Ella's meant to be with Mandy, but Sindy's dd Holly is always looking after her, and now you never see either of them.hmm

Her dh left her a while back and ran off with her money i think, thats why Tony had to help her out.

I'm confused though how is Mandy related to Max again? Is she is step sister?

1wish Sun 10-Aug-08 00:21:36

Zoe wasn't pregnant it was a false alarm

babyOcho Sun 10-Aug-08 03:23:00

Mandy and Sindy were best mates at school.

Then Mandy's mum ended up marrying Sindy's dad. Max is Sindy's brother.

Max had another 2 sisters - one died (Dawn) and the other was a rotten one and ran off somewhere, cannot remember her name.

I seem to recall that Max and Mandy may have had a thing, or Max had a thing for Mandy.

I love Holyoaks, but dont have time to watch it now that it's on all the time.

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