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What's happened to Home & Away?

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PaddlePig Fri 08-Aug-08 10:19:49

I have first look H&A on series link record thingy and I've noticed I have nothing recorded this week.

Checked the usual slot on Fiver and it's old episodes.

What's going on?!

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 08-Aug-08 10:29:39

its on a 6 week break! we were catching up to oz's programming apparently! its back after the hols.

PaddlePig Fri 08-Aug-08 10:37:38

shock shock shock

how will I survive sad

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 08-Aug-08 10:43:14

thats what i thought! apparently the old episodes are to keep us going untill its back on but its not the same i want to know who marthas baby belongs to and does charlie tell jack about the dna test kit?

i will go insane with unanswered questions before 6 weeks is up! shock

PaddlePig Fri 08-Aug-08 11:02:26

I know!!!! How very dare they!

Mind you, I won't miss Nicole and her stock in trade snear with turn and flounce that she uses in every scene!

That Charlie's a bit of a one eh LOL!

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 08-Aug-08 11:08:03

i think nicoles acting is rather flat and unconvincing. i love charlie she is gonna cause some trouble. how spoilt is she though? proper little madam.

VinegarTits Fri 08-Aug-08 11:09:48

I wondered what had happened to it too, i thought i was just over tired or stuck in a time warp when i watched fiver last night grin

Baffy Fri 08-Aug-08 11:10:31

I'm glad someone asked this!

shock though. I need to get a life now! grin

PaddlePig Fri 08-Aug-08 11:10:40

LOL, it's about time there were a few fireworks. No one's been abducted, blown up, drugged, raped or set on fire recently.

I'm a bit gutted about Tony marrying Rachel, he's mine!

PaddlePig Fri 08-Aug-08 11:12:08

hi Baffy! t'is my guilty pleasure.

I record it every night then watch episodes back to back on boring TV nights.

I'm such a sad act I want to live in Summer Bay!

Baffy Fri 08-Aug-08 11:15:43

Me too!

We visited the area when we went to Australia and H pretty much had to drag me away! grin

I can't really explain why I like it though. And when I miss a few episodes due to work, and frantically ask people what's happened, everyone tends to go hmm

PaddlePig Fri 08-Aug-08 11:19:30

it's just easy going TV tho isn't it. park your brain at the door and put your feet up stuff.

I used to be hooked on Sons & Daughters and The Sullivans too blush

slayerette Tue 12-Aug-08 09:51:22

It's back on the 26th August. Because we're a few weeks behind Australia, they built up to the Olympic break with a real cliffhanger - we just ended somewhere random. But there are plenty of fireworks coming up, I promise you! (Yes, I read spoilers!)

PaddlePig Tue 12-Aug-08 10:06:22

ooooh good I am so glad it'll be back soon. I am having withdrawal symptoms!

Will make sure TV+ box is primed.

Don't be giving anything away here now!!!!

PaddlePig Tue 12-Aug-08 10:07:37

altho I bet I can guess, in a 3 week break Martha will have progressed to 8m pregnant then have a life threatening delivery.

Amazing how time is soooo fluid in H&A huh!

grin grin

TinkerBellesMum Tue 12-Aug-08 10:54:09

I asked an Aussie once which they think is more realistic. Apparantly Neighbours is because H&A is too dark hmm Glad they're only having a break!

I didn't have a TV for the last two weeks and have missed quite a bit of it

sherbetdipdab Tue 12-Aug-08 11:00:55

God, I LOVE H&A! I used to record it and watch it during night feeds, luckily new baby arrives on 25th Aug so it will be back on in time, phew!

Could Nicole pout anymore though?

And when is Annie going to get her makeover?? She is obviously really pretty and they make her look scruffy, so I'm presuming Coleen will make her over for that beauty contest they do. hmm just exactly how sad is it that I put so much thought into H&A?????

mamalovesmojitos Tue 12-Aug-08 22:17:19

loooooooove H&A. the best programme on telly.

lol sherbetdipdab. good prediction though.

i absolutely love aidan, he is so gorge, stepped into take over as my new crush when drew left.

what's the story with cassie? is she supposed to have had the baby yet?

sherbetdipdab Tue 12-Aug-08 22:24:30

Oh Aiden is yum isn't he? And he is becoming so nice and gentlemanly lately too grin

I think Miles brings a bit of quirkiness to it too, I like him.

I think Cassie will announce the baby's arrival by postcard although I did think it was a bit impractical to go travelling round the world for a year whilst pregnant and newly diagnosed with HIV, but thats H&A for you!

slayerette Tue 12-Aug-08 22:25:12

Hands off Aden, he's MINE!

<slayerette rolls up sleeves and prepares to do battle for her man>

I know about Cassie and the baby but can't remember whether it's happened here or not yet - I'm a spoiler-hound and don't want to give away things I shouldn't! - so shan't say grin

slayerette Tue 12-Aug-08 22:26:13

and I'm the only one who can spell his name so I get to keep him grin grin

sherbetdipdab Tue 12-Aug-08 22:37:42

Oooh Slayerette I'm going to have to go and look at Leah's diary now! blush not that I have ever been on the H&A website previously, oh no, not me.....

I will graciously step down and let you have Aden, that will stop that Belle getting her grubby mits on him!

slayerette Tue 12-Aug-08 22:47:29

Well I certainly don't have the home and away website bookmarked, sherbert. Well, that might be a tiny lie but I definitely don't ever look at it. And I never go on it just to have a quick gaze at pics of Aden blush

I am definitely getting withdrawal symptoms... grin

mamalovesmojitos Tue 12-Aug-08 23:02:47

grin website? clearly i'm not a real fan...

slayerette sincerest apologies for misspelling.

<raises fists and flexes biceps>>

sherbetdipdab Tue 12-Aug-08 23:07:11

Right, just read Leah's blog so all up to date with the spoilers, oh errrr its all quite exciting eh?
i just thought "Oooh not long til H&A is back on!" all excited about it, forgetting I'm having a baby the day before blush

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