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kylie's body double

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tweeni Wed 06-Aug-08 01:29:25

is it me or are that hand lady's hands quite big and ugly and the leg lady had nobbly knees and bony feet.

and why does that girl have to be lying on her bed in her underwear while she's interviewed?? and who dancies in front of the tv in a bikini ???

i don't get it!

did anyone else think the agent looked like cruella de vil though.

and that gavin. phwoar his body was niiiiiiice.

i love that jude law's publicist tries to make out that it was jude's body in the end. why would you bother hiring a double and not using it!

PussyFantastic Wed 06-Aug-08 01:35:42


No clue at ALL. But up so thought I try wink

Are the lady's hands big because they are her special feature? Is she just a pair of hans?

And Gavin, erm possibly I would agree, shall I?

Jude Law is nice.

Does that help at all?

tweeni Wed 06-Aug-08 02:09:25

yes but i thought little dainty hands would be what people wante.

I would do Jude Law. omg i so would.

dmo Wed 06-Aug-08 10:52:46

the leg models feet were so boney

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