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CBEEBIES - Favourite/Least favourite

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gingerbabe Fri 11-Feb-05 13:20:14

I know this was done before, a while ago but as I couldn't see it when I scrolled through I thought I would start it again.

What is your fav/least fav Cbeebies programmes? My fav is The Shiny Show - I think the humour on that is great. Least fav definitely Boogie Beebies - how annoying is that bloke?!!

Clayhead Fri 11-Feb-05 13:21:19

Favourite - Boogie Beebies

Least Favourite - Shiny Show, I HATE it

gingerbear Fri 11-Feb-05 13:21:23

Big Cook Little Cook = fave
Shiny Show = hate

are we related gingerbabe???

Beansmum Fri 11-Feb-05 13:24:27

favourite - postman pat
least favourite - boogie beebies, it's RUBBISH

and ds doesn't watch tv yet so I don't even have an excuse for having an opinion on this!

Amanda3266 Fri 11-Feb-05 13:26:36

Oh God - I have to make a choice?

Favourite - Balamory and Something Special
Least Favourite: Boogie Beebies/The Shiny Show and Tikkabilla when it has Sarah-Jane "annoyingly perky" Honeywell.

Clayhead Fri 11-Feb-05 13:26:45

I think my dd influences me on this, I wouldn't want to watch Boogie Beebies myself but she loves it and seems captivated by it so it rubs off on me.

Forgot, Something Special, I love it and I love watching dd try the signs (even ds has a go and he's only 17 months)

Cod Fri 11-Feb-05 13:28:33

Message withdrawn

HunkerMunker Fri 11-Feb-05 13:29:54

Something Special is my absolute favourite. I make DS watch it

HATE The Tweenies.

DillyDally Fri 11-Feb-05 13:30:09

Fave - Boo just cos I can join in
Least Fave - Come Outside - it is NOT healthy for DD to view ladies in tabards in case she gets ideas from these programmes.
I am prone to changing my mind though.

stripey Fri 11-Feb-05 13:35:40

Don't think I have a favourite but I have always hated the Shiny Show so much so that I would switch off/over if it came on - just the music is enough to irritate me.

Spongebob Fri 11-Feb-05 13:41:27

I hate the shiny show too......Dogsby's voice makes me cringe. Who the hell does that voice? It scary.

Spongebob Fri 11-Feb-05 13:44:35

Tikkabilla is ok, but Sarah (I look like a teenager ) Jane get on my T**s

DaddyCool Fri 11-Feb-05 13:51:06

fav - big cook, little cook

hate - shiny show, boogie beebies and is tweenies cbeebies 'cause i hate that too.

motherinferior Fri 11-Feb-05 13:53:19

I love 64 Zoo Lane, the Fabulous Koala Brothers, and rather love Special.

Clifford and aaaarrrrggghhhh I can barely stand typing this - Barnaby Bear, Zingalong (I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck rising) and Tots TV make me retch.

jessicasmummy Fri 11-Feb-05 14:01:07

fav - BCLC and Something Special

hate - fimbles, clifford, shiny show

jessicasmummy Fri 11-Feb-05 14:02:06

oh, and confess to liking balamory!

bakedpotato Fri 11-Feb-05 14:03:12

i love come outside and hate the fimbles, such a shame DD has totally different tastes (she still runs sobbing from the room when Auntie Mabel's theme music strikes up)
we both like the roly mo show tho'

Demented Fri 11-Feb-05 14:05:01

Favourites - Balamory and Come Outside

Hate - Shiny Show and Zingalong

Lucycat Fri 11-Feb-05 14:05:11

Pippin is fantastic - I love it when Aunty Mabel says 'Oh Pippin' at the end!

Both dd's like Something Special and they are 1.9 and 4.9 so the programmers got it right there!

whimsy Fri 11-Feb-05 14:21:23

Favourite - Something Special & Big Cook Little Cook
Least favourite - Boogie Beebies & Shiny Show,

Lucycat Fri 11-Feb-05 14:26:26

Although 'Something Special' always makes me want to hug my kids and they don't appreciate that when they are trying to watch the telly.

nutcracker Fri 11-Feb-05 14:35:03

My least favourites are Come outside and Shiney Show

Favourites are Something Special, Balamory and Boogie Beebies.

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 11-Feb-05 14:39:42

Favourite= Something Special, Balamory, Pingu.

Least favourite= Tikabilla, Zingalong, Bits and Bobs and Brum. (Hate hate hate them!)

kjq Fri 11-Feb-05 14:49:02

Love the Story Makers - used to make me cry when they said goodbye. also love the cbeebies night-time song (another tearjerker)

Hate Roly Mo, BCLC, Shiny Show

DD now wants to switch off cbeebies to watch the singing kettle DVD. Has your home been overtaken by this phenomenon?

helsi Fri 11-Feb-05 15:18:26

DD (2 yrs) has gone off CBeebies a bit now and has started to prefer to watch Nick Jr. However, at the moment she does nothing but watch Bump the Elephant and Pocket Dragons DVDs.

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