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YO Gabba Gabba

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MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Sat 02-Aug-08 16:04:01

wtf?????????!!!!!! hmm

Acid, possibly coke. No, definitely acid I think.

MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Sat 02-Aug-08 16:18:02

Great pass it here then, it might make some sense then!

WilfSell Sat 02-Aug-08 16:28:42

Art students, just graduated. Hit the big time.

We love it though.

MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Sat 02-Aug-08 16:32:37

And what is your chosen accompanying narcotic substance Wilf?!

WilfSell Sat 02-Aug-08 16:33:57

Oh I don't need much chemical stimulus these days: a nice strong cup of Earl Grey gets me going...


TearsofaPersonalClown Sat 02-Aug-08 16:34:51

Glad it's not just me that has no clue what this show's about!! grin

WilfSell Sat 02-Aug-08 16:38:20

Oh come on, when do they ever have to be about anything. I give you, as evidence for the defence (of mindless, meaningless, psychedelic cool kids TV...): In the Night Garden, Tellytubbies, and the weird Israeli 'dream' channels on BabyTV...

TearsofaPersonalClown Sat 02-Aug-08 16:42:54

I have enough fun trying to figure Maggie and the Ferocious Beast....

MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Sat 02-Aug-08 18:35:44

Mind you I loved Magic Roundabout and that was probably the same thing lol

hifi Sat 02-Aug-08 18:43:07

dd and i love it,some of the characters look like they are based on penises.

newshmoo Sun 03-Aug-08 08:03:09

gabba gabba hey, hey ho lets go blitzcrieg bop, wow that was a blast, bit like the smoke earlier

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