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Dangerous jobs for girls - channel 4 after BB

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Can't wait for this, think it should be really good. Lots of oportunities to shout at the TV methinks.


pedilia Wed 30-Jul-08 22:35:36

Poor stallionsad

That Nicola is so far up her own arse, what a cow!

skinnygirlNOT Wed 30-Jul-08 22:41:03

Turned over as they were cutting the horse.


HumphreyPillow Wed 30-Jul-08 22:42:07

It's rather tedious so far.

strawberriesandcream01 Wed 30-Jul-08 22:59:21

Was I just right in seeing a horse being castrated without aneasthetic? How aful, why would you do that? Surely the horse would have suffered so much

I fecking fell asleep blush

Skribble Thu 31-Jul-08 12:58:44

Actually the horse didn't seem to suffer too much and the girls look more traumatised than the horse.

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