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Channel 5 8pm Sunday JOEY

(17 Posts)
RTKangaMummy Wed 09-Feb-05 18:00:52


New Series

8pm episode 1

8.30 episode 2

Channel 5

Sunday 13th Feb

bobbybob Wed 09-Feb-05 18:10:14

We've had the first 2 here. Not as annoying as I thought they'd be.

Joolstoo Wed 09-Feb-05 18:10:44

definitely one to miss!

RTKangaMummy Sun 13-Feb-05 10:49:45

I am not sure if this will be any good but am looking forward to it

So I can make up my own mind

misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 10:54:16

they are ok. not as good as friends tho.

RTKangaMummy Sun 13-Feb-05 11:12:53

I love friends

I had a feeling that it may not be as good

But there again Friends prob took a while to work and beome popular at first.

So I will give it a go and then make up my mind.

I don't really take any notice of what TV critics say anyway, their job is to either love or hate a programme.IMHO

RTKangaMummy Sun 13-Feb-05 11:14:30

misdee do you find yourself waiting for the othe rfriends to appear

or is it really different

I know he is supposed to be in LA rather than NY

misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 11:20:44

its similar to friends, but i find the girl who plays joeys sister annoying.

RTKangaMummy Sun 13-Feb-05 11:38:19

Thanks will await tonight with interest

RTKangaMummy Sun 13-Feb-05 20:10:32


turquoise Sun 13-Feb-05 20:14:09

Not a patch on Friends but still enjoyable IMO.

charleepeters Sun 13-Feb-05 20:20:09

i tiotally agree its just not the same without pheobe making her qwerky comments, but better than i expected

RTKangaMummy Mon 14-Feb-05 10:40:43

It was OK but not really really brill will keep going with it though

Repeated Tonight

11.10 pm and 11.45pm

Channel 5

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 14-Feb-05 10:50:07

I missed it!

Will record it tonight though.

I miss friends!

RTKangaMummy Mon 14-Feb-05 16:31:13

repeat Tonight Monday

lilsmum Mon 14-Feb-05 16:38:32

i turned it off after 10 min, i didnt like it at all!!! too cheesy, but i loved friends

RTKangaMummy Mon 14-Feb-05 19:41:38


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