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Big Dippers ITV1 9pm

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Big Dippers

9:00pm - 10:30pm

ITV1 London

VIDEO Plus+: 5446

When we meet Ray (James Nesbitt) and Perry (Pearce Quigley), they're shaking with fear and hiding in a warehouse. That they're avoiding some snarling dogs sets the tone; these are not hardened crims, but small-time crooks who only break into a car to steal a jacket. They're so poor, they share ciggies. So what happens when they find £2 million in a briefcase? Set in a dilapidated seaside town on Merseyside, with a suitably downbeat ska soundtrack from the Specials and others (there's a priceless scene of the pair dancing), Big Dippers is a touching, buddy-buddy affair, whose mood is somewhere between an Ealing comedy and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. The caper naturally involves some villains who struggle to be tough, numerous plot twists and even some touchy-feely dialogue as a balance to the tomfoolery.

Ray - James Nesbitt

Perry - Pearce Quigley

Dave - Ralph Brown

Victor - Steve Money

Stefan - Martin Herdman

Rose - Lisa Millett

Norman - Kevin Doyle

Tony Telegraph - Benedict Sandiford

Mrs Telegraph - June Broughton

Carl - Joe Gilgun

Grey-haired man - Tom Lloyd-Roberts

Waiter - Declan Wilson

Waiter - Ian Kilgannon

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bumpity bump

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1 hour

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13 mins

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