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First Thunderbirds, now Captain Scarlet!!!

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wobblyknicks Tue 08-Feb-05 09:54:28

First they redid Thunderbirds and made it sh*t, now they're redoing Captain Scarlet, and it looks like its not going to be any better!!! Why why why why?? The old ones are still fab, why mess about with them!!! If they do it to Bagpuss or the Clangers I will go insane

...and RTKM, is this something I've found out before you and if not, why didn't you tell me!!!!

RTKangaMummy Tue 08-Feb-05 09:59:18

I do not like thunderbirds or CS or bagpuss

But I do like Clangers

wobblyknicks Tue 08-Feb-05 10:01:15

Well this is the thin end of the wedge, next it WILL be Clangers!!! They'll probably be CGI enhanced, have to speak in proper words instead of whistling, eat minestrone (non GM enhanced of course) instead of blue string soup and they won't be able to build their own rockets because of new EU safety guidelines!!!

batters Tue 08-Feb-05 11:00:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wobblyknicks Tue 08-Feb-05 11:04:04

batters - not saying GA shouldn't have done it, he's entitled to, but have treasured memories of all those old programmes and always hate it when they redo them. They never seem as good because they just aren't the same - like seeing the strings was a GOOD thing!!! Just my nostalgia!!

Davros Tue 08-Feb-05 20:02:29

They've just done the dirty to the Magic Roundabout so the Clangers could be next...... I LOVE the original Thunderbirds but not so attached to Cptn Scarlet (although he IS Cary Grant!). Me and DH will happily watch Thunderbirds on TV or DVD, once we've gone through our Tintin DVDs again

Joolstoo Tue 08-Feb-05 20:03:16

but Captain Scarlet's indestructible

WigWamBam Tue 08-Feb-05 22:54:00

Noooooo! They can't mess around with Captain Scarlet, he was my hero!

wordsmith Tue 08-Feb-05 23:11:18

Oh no, a new Captain Scarlet, better not tell my 5 year old, yet more merchandise to buy!!

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