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so is it just me or do you think Belle from Home and Away looks anorexic?

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Sugarmagnolia Thu 24-Jul-08 08:09:20

How skinny is she? I mean, even skinnier than when she started - unlike Cassie who was always skinny right from the start. Belle looks like she's lost some serious weight recently! Is anyone else worried about her?

allgonebellyup Thu 24-Jul-08 20:33:00

can you do a link please

i have no idea who you are talkin about

Sugarmagnolia Fri 25-Jul-08 07:40:45

Is there anyone here who actually watched Home and Away and does know what I'm talking about?

minko Mon 28-Jul-08 22:32:54

Is she the photographer one with dark hair who has taken to wearing lots of clashing colours altogether? She looks very thin recently.

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