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Spooks: Code 9

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UnquietDad Wed 23-Jul-08 11:59:10

Looks as if it is going to be desperately bad.

"The year is 2013. London has been evacuated following a nuclear bomb and the country?s power base has shifted north. In the wake of the attack, MI5 must completely restructure and establish field offices across the UK. They need young, new officers on the ground, and fast. Luckily, Britain?s youth is more than up to the challenge. It is members of this new generation of patriots who help make up MI5?s new Field Office 19, and the team of young pretenders find that the world of Spooks: Code 9 holds a whole new set of dangers...

Spooks: Code 9 - For Queen, For Country, For Kicks."

Who the hell thought of that strapline? It's awful!

Looks as if it will be MI High meets This Life. Photogenic young people save the world while drinking, having sex, taking drugs and squabbling over yoghurt. While we all watch and say "They'd never fit all this in around having a family."

WilfSell Wed 23-Jul-08 12:01:38

Ah, but if it had Rupert PJ in it, I'd watch bleeding Murder One crossed with Hart to Hart.

Shallow, aren't I?

luvaduck Wed 23-Jul-08 12:08:41

what pile of rubbish
does that mean spooks as we know it is over - or is this just a spin off???

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jul-08 12:13:14

It's a spinoff. Real Spooks is continuing. But we can assume it has now been "capped" and will end in 2012 with a nuclear bomb destroying most of London - maybe at the Olympics!

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