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Who rules the Roost.

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kalex Sun 06-Feb-05 20:20:37

Just seen the "catching sick inthe hand" done with remarkable ease

Sorry if you are eating your tea. Even sorrier if you so it while eating your tea

kalex Sun 06-Feb-05 20:21:05

I mean watching it while eating your tea

lockets Sun 06-Feb-05 20:29:22

Message withdrawn

kalex Sun 06-Feb-05 20:31:16

Dont you think that the mother is TOOOO much is what her expections are. And even when she thinks he is doing a fab job, she doesn't tell him.

Ooh swap about back to the TV

kalex Sun 06-Feb-05 20:32:42

Although I really don't like this tit for tat attitude they both have. Is it really about the children at all!!!!

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