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Come Dine with Me - on More4 today...

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MaryAnnSingleton Sun 13-Jul-08 20:39:03

I am addicted to the Sunday showings of this...really loved Rowland Rivron's pink le creuset dish and pink rubber obsessed with other people's kitchens...

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 13-Jul-08 21:01:01

must just be me watching grin

I was watching but only from Anneka's night onwards (so did get to see Rowland in her jumpsuit - mmmmmmmm grin) and the posh bloke with his very mumsnet wife.

Teuch Mon 14-Jul-08 15:17:25

I didn't like Rowland very much, but that might of been a throwback to his utter twatness on that singing show thingy...

I missed his 'night' though.

Fab show. grin

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 14-Jul-08 15:34:17

he did have lovely kitchen ! actually Toby Young's was nice too.

UniversallyChallenged Mon 14-Jul-08 20:57:07

Am watching now on catch up - love seeing slebs homes are as clutted as everyone elses!

pastapestofor6 Mon 14-Jul-08 21:09:53

oooh i LOOOOVE THIS its my fav show !!
I really love looking at celebs houses, how sad

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