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tribal wives on again tonight

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candyfluff Wed 09-Jul-08 20:33:03

im gonna get some crumpets and sit myself firmly in front of the telly and watch this fab programme

Foxymolly Wed 09-Jul-08 20:36:04

It is fab.
Really interesting to see how these tribes live and how the women fit in. I find it fascinating.
Is it true there are only 6 episodes though?

candyfluff Wed 09-Jul-08 20:42:06

yes boo hoo its true have u seen all of them

watsthestory Wed 09-Jul-08 20:43:44

Message withdrawn

Foxymolly Wed 09-Jul-08 20:43:54

I think I missed the first one, I've seen three I think.
Have you seen them all? Which one is your best?
It's crap that a good programe like this only gets 6 episodes

candyfluff Wed 09-Jul-08 20:48:18

my best was the first one with the lady they nicknamed bopo ,she even came on here on the thread i started to tell us about her experience!!!!
last weeks was very hard viewing knowing that the women were circumsised ,its totally barbaric

OomphreyCushion Wed 09-Jul-08 20:50:47

I love this series.
Agree that last week's made difficult viewing when female circumcision was discussed.
Including how the women have their legs tied up for the days after they have given birth.

Foxymolly Wed 09-Jul-08 20:52:31

Oh so I didn't miss one, I watched the one with bopo, I loved that one. Is that the one where she married in the hammock? I felt sad as they actually believed she was staying and he looked so upset at the end, bless him.

It was shocking last week to listen to the women speaking about what she does to them poor babies and little girls. Its hard to believe people still live like that in this day and age.

candyfluff Wed 09-Jul-08 20:53:46

it made me cry ,can u just imagine the pain of having to be cut open to give birth,its so wrong there is nothing for a girl to look forward to in her life no pleasure no help with the hard work they have to do day in and day out.
im so lucky!!!!!

candyfluff Wed 09-Jul-08 20:54:45

i appreciate my life so much more now.
no you havent missed any

artichokes Wed 09-Jul-08 21:07:54

this week the tribe in the Himba in Namibia.
DH and I spent some time in Namibia and met lots of Himba people right in the area they just showed on the map!

lackaDAISYcal Wed 09-Jul-08 21:11:01

I caught last weeks on Monday when it was reshown. It's the first one I've watched and it was compelling viewing, very thought provoking and I agree re the female circumcision; horrible

I'm watching the free birthing on C5 tonight though so will need to catch it on iplayer later.

hifi Wed 09-Jul-08 21:28:41

i thought it was interesting that the amazonian women came across as supportive and the ethiopians as quite bitchy and critical.

cupsoftea Wed 09-Jul-08 23:12:19

Saw this prog this evening & imho it would be interesting to hear at the end the tribes views and then the views of the woman( who joined the tribe) once back home. How the experience had changed them and what they had learnt.

Foxymolly Wed 09-Jul-08 23:47:56

I would like to hear the views of the tribal women afterwards as well cupsoftea

Hifi, I thought tonights's tribal woman were quite cruel as well, the way thet laughed at her when she dressed like them. The amazonian's are the only ones who have been supportive so far.
That poor little girl, only tweleve and made to stay with that man for three nights, its hard to know how a mum can do that when she's breaking her heart like that.

What were the Himba people like who you meet artichokes?

Oblomov Thu 10-Jul-08 07:56:41

I found the programme fascinating last night.
I just couldn't take to the woman. I found it very difficult to accept her reasons for wanting to do it. She wanted to escape, she wanted to do something for herself. She had been forced to marry early. O.k. but she had children, she had chosen to be a mum. She had responsibilitiees. She needed help support and counselling to look at what she wanted. But this could have been done at home, whilst maintaining her other responsibilities and committments. She ran off for a few weeks. She was so self centered it was unreal. And at the end I did wonder what she had actually achieved. At what expense.
Maybe becasue I watched a programme the day before about mums who left their children. But I just found her horrible and that ruined it abit for me.

candyfluff Thu 10-Jul-08 09:09:49

i agree i didnt really warm to yvonne like i did the other women before her. it broke my heart that the 12 year old girl was forced to marry but the only saving grace was that she did go back to her parents after 3 days that softened the blow for me.
the only thing that did shock me was the pointless knocking out of the childrens front teeth ....................what the hell was that???????

oh and just thought i would add that my dh loved the amble boosoms!!!!!

foxymolly Wed 16-Jul-08 23:00:36

What did everyone think of tonights episode?

pinkteddy Wed 16-Jul-08 23:16:43

I enjoyed it. I missed the very beginning unfortunately so I didn't know her background but assumed she had had several unsuccessful relationships? The men asked some very insightful questions when she asked about polygamy and I loved the bit with the newborn.

foxymolly Thu 17-Jul-08 00:07:59

pink teddy - I think she'd come out of a long term relationship a little while ago which she had been heartbroken about.

I thought the men were quite clued up as well pinkteddy.

There seems to be a lot of similarities between all the different tribes, for example the women doing the bulk of the work and also female circumcision (which is just barbaric)

Definitely my favourite programme on TV at the moment

candyfluff Thu 17-Jul-08 09:09:06

i enjoyed this one very much ,dionne was a lovely person i liked the baby bit and when she gave the kids balloons and bubbles it was lovely to see their reactions.

MrsJamin Thu 17-Jul-08 14:59:11

I've got a bit bored of this, I think they should have done 4 programmes, if you're a big fan of Tribe there's isn't actually that much to learn. Also I'd appreciate more of a catch-up after the women have returned to their lives - did they make any of the changes they were thinking of making?

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 17-Jul-08 16:13:47

I thought last night's programme was really fascinating; it actually made me think about the benefits of polygamy ... for about 40 seconds grin ... particularly when one of the husbands talking about the disadvantages of only marrying one wife.

He said "but if you are the only wife, it will be harder for you because you will have to do all the chores, chopping wood, milking the cows yourself. And who will look after your children when you are ill or giving birth?"

Speaking as an expat who has no family to call on I'm ill; it made me think whether we really have it right here in the West, each looking after our small children - going slightly made in our isolated boxes ....

There you get the support of other females, they each take responsibility for one anothers children ... I'd love to know about the rates of post-natal depression and other mental illnesses in that environment ... I have a hunch they would be much less.

That's leaving aside the appalling practice of female circumcision and the tribe's male hierarchy obviously ... although didn't one of the married girls say they had boyfriends too wink ??

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 17-Jul-08 18:39:39

that was meant to read ...

going slightly MAD

pinkteddy Thu 17-Jul-08 23:45:06

I would like a catch up too - think it would be good to see some sort of resolution. Agree with counting about how they pull together and look after one another and they do seem happier in a lot of ways. Why is the last episode on a Saturday - I wondered if it might be a different focus or is it another tribe?

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