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Classic Albums - forgot TV could be this good

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acnebride Wed 02-Feb-05 20:25:43

Watched Classic Albums on Dark Side of the Moon on tape from earlier in the week. Feel inspired, informed and interested. Also extremely turned on from the unbelievable gorgeousness of Dave Gilmour in 1972

Just wanted to share that. Sigh

Joolstoo Wed 02-Feb-05 20:27:31

oh blast - forgot this was on!

Only seen the 'Stars' one - that was excellent too. I'm sure I've seen the Dark Side of the Moon One before though?

crystaltips Wed 02-Feb-05 20:29:35

Was working out to VH1 classic this morning .... am off to buy a Police album

acnebride Wed 02-Feb-05 20:35:10

Yes, the film looked quite old. I've seen the Steely Dan one on Aja which was great. Not sure how many there are.

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