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CountessDracula CountessDracula CountessDracula

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RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 16:17:49


Please could you tell me what kind of TV you like?

I am curious because you have said

no to DH and RW

So what do you watch?

Maybe I can put alerts up for them

CountessDracula Wed 02-Feb-05 16:18:45

I like football
And Property Porn (as it is called in our house)
Good films/dramas

CountessDracula Wed 02-Feb-05 16:19:14

RW I like just not progs on insomnia which always make me get it!

CountessDracula Wed 02-Feb-05 16:19:28

Plus historical documentaries I love

FineFigureFio Wed 02-Feb-05 16:20:12


what is RW?

I dont like Dh either, american pap

CountessDracula Wed 02-Feb-05 16:21:26

Robert Winston

CountessDracula Wed 02-Feb-05 16:24:41

Kanga do you have anything for me tonight

Oh and we love Judge John Deed tho is total bollocks

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 16:25:18

historical doc

for example?

so do you mean do it up houses or location location

sorry cant help with fotty dont watch avoid at all costs

CountessDracula Wed 02-Feb-05 16:28:31

Well, recently the Auschwitz one for eg.

Location type, not DIY hate those!

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 16:38:07


Wolf's Lair: Days That Shook the World

7:30pm - 8:00pm

BBC2 London & South East

VIDEO Plus+: 43
Subtitled, Widescreen, Audio-described

Series focusing on some of the defining moments of history. It's July 20th, 1944, at Hitler's field headquarters in Poland and a daring plan to assassinate the Fuhrer is underway. Some of his most trusted senior officers, hopelessly disillusioned with the Nazi leader aim not only to kill Hitler, but also to overthrow the Third Reich

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 16:38:31

do you have cable or sky or digibox?

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 16:44:37

location is on sky channels

CountessDracula Wed 02-Feb-05 16:46:06

That sounds great but dd doesn't go to bed until 8pm so anything before 8.30 is OUT.

Have Sky Dig but not movie channels.

I do like Wife Swap btw!

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 16:47:59

ok will search for you

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 17:38:08

judge john thingy is on tonight

Willow2 Thu 03-Feb-05 17:40:21

CD, I cannot believe you don't like DH.

CountessDracula Thu 03-Feb-05 17:41:17

I tried so hard

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 17:42:13

did you want da vinci thing as well

CountessDracula Thu 03-Feb-05 17:42:55

no thanks not so keen on that.

Willow2 Thu 03-Feb-05 17:43:22

But it is like Twin Peaks crossed with a Mumsnet meet up.

bundle Thu 03-Feb-05 17:44:06

CD i love the overwhelming crapness of john deed too...used to feel the same about midsomer murders but even gone off that now. rw a bit of a no-no in our house too, but put up with him to see the children of our time thing, because they are so interesting

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 17:44:09

pmsl willow

and I have never been to a meet up but have my imagination

ks Thu 03-Feb-05 17:47:16

Message withdrawn

Marina Thu 03-Feb-05 17:52:44

Sigh. Midsomer Murders is not half as crap as it used to be, is it Enid. Dalziel and Pascoe is getting steadily more sh*te by the minute though. Thought this week's was a classic in self-indulgent "produced and directed by one of the lead actors" tripe.

Marina Thu 03-Feb-05 17:53:22

Bundle! NOT Enid this time. Too many convos in limited brain space

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