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Prof Robert Winston--- How to sleep better 8pm BBC1

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RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 11:39:07

How to sleep better




Chandra Wed 02-Feb-05 11:41:34

Thanks Kanga, I had already forgotten

maretta Wed 02-Feb-05 11:46:44

The reason I never get a restfull nights sleep is very clear. He's about 80 odd cms high and can scream mamma at large volume whenever there's danger of me falling asleep .

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 11:49:18


How to Sleep Better

8:00pm - 9:30pm

BBC1 London & South East

VIDEO Plus+: 39685
Subtitled, Widescreen

A programme that promises to be "the definitive guide" to improving the quality or quantity of your sleep will be welcome to millions, so it's a pity that, while this is enjoyable, it doesn't offer any startling solutions. Still, doing the tests to work out your circadian rhythms might help you to doze off. Professor Robert Winston begins by taking 100 volunteers who all admit they're poor sleepers, and tests them to learn more. Having drawn up a sleep profile for each, he then suggests ways to improve matters. The programme attempts to be scientific, but much of the advice is mind-blowingly simple. Does anyone not know, for example, that exercising before bedtime doesn't help you sleep? However, nearly all the volunteers seem to benefit.

BBCi: digital viewers can press their red button to explore their own sleep and join in with the scientifically based studio tests.

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 11:49:48


RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 15:57:49

bumpity bump

BubblesDeVere Wed 02-Feb-05 16:09:18

I'll be watching

CountessDracula Wed 02-Feb-05 16:13:48

This sort of program gives me insomnia!

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 17:34:03


Joolstoo Wed 02-Feb-05 17:35:17

how to sleep better - don't have children!

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 19:03:07


wanda Wed 02-Feb-05 19:53:30

Ds is four months old. The timimg of this programme is just sick.

moosh Fri 04-Feb-05 12:00:53

I fell asleep in the last quater of an hour!!!! Did the programme actually tell us how to sleep better after all? Not sure.

DaddyCool Fri 04-Feb-05 12:17:11

I'm delighted with the program. I've posted previously that I snore like a pig. There was another person on that show that had the same problem and fixed it with a weird plastic retainer thing they got from the dentist. I'm going to book in and try to get fitted with one of these. I'll look like a wally and it'll no doubt be a big passion killer but anything is worth a try. My DW is ready to kill me in my sleep.

flea Fri 04-Feb-05 12:30:08

DaddyCool : have you been tested for Sleep Apnoea(sp?). My FIL snored very badly.. My DH talks about the fact that he could hear his dad snoring from every room when he was growing up.. My FIL was tested, diagnosed and now sleeps with an oxygen mask and no longer snores at night.. very, very severe snoring can be down to Sleep Apnoea.

MrsFROSTgetful Fri 04-Feb-05 12:46:06

i'm a snorer too!!!

I don't think i have the Sleep Apnoea thing- but NEVER feel refreshed after sleep.

i want that plastic mouth thing husband (being his usual 'helpful' self) suggested i go to the sports shop and buy a mouth guard that rugby players use!!!????

Any 'Non- Snoring' rugby players there that can advise me????

DaddyCool Fri 04-Feb-05 12:58:43

lol.. a mouth guard . The one on the show was specifically fitted to your teeth.

Don't know about sleep Apnoea but DaddyCool is now on the first diet in his life in the hope that if I loose a little weight the snoring might stop. I'm only a small guy (11 stone) but over the last year I've gained some weight and it seems to tie in with the snoring so I'm on a lower portion, lowish fat diet... it sucks.

MrsFROSTgetful Fri 04-Feb-05 18:19:03


AuntyQuated Fri 04-Feb-05 18:43:16

i have one of those mouthgurad things. made by the dentist to stop my damaging my teeth in the night. daddycool - mine is clear plastic and DH doesn't notice that it is in until i speak. i mainly only pop it in when i'm raedy for sleep . did take some getting used to tho' but now struggle to sleep without it.

haven't watched the prog yet we ahve videoed it as my parenbst were here. does it have any helpful hints as dh wakes at about 4 each morning then can't get to sllep again cios thinkinh of work!!

MrsFROSTgetful Fri 04-Feb-05 18:55:32

million dollar you snore??? did you snore??!

DaddyCool Fri 25-Feb-05 08:52:54

bumpity bump bump bump hey....

Can anyone remember what the name of the plastic mouth guard device mentioned below was?

I need to call the dentist today and it would help if i had the name. a few people mentioned that they rather had one or wanted one.


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