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RTKangaMummy Tue 01-Feb-05 16:53:56


PS is due to be on tv with Des and Mel

in 10 mins

on ITV1


RTKangaMummy Tue 01-Feb-05 17:02:17

I guess you are not around


WSK would you like to watch instead

I know you are PS 2nd biggest fan

WigWamBam Tue 01-Feb-05 19:12:34

WK would have been really cross if you'd got it wrong again, KM!

Although I do think that maybe the lady doth protest too much ... a closet PS fan, methinks

RTKangaMummy Tue 01-Feb-05 19:38:42

The thing is I nearly did

I had a moment of madness and couldnt work out which one liked which

WigWamBam Wed 02-Feb-05 18:21:09

I dare you. You know you want to

coppertop Wed 02-Feb-05 18:33:39


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