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Airline USA - OMG

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KBear Mon 31-Jan-05 21:27:31

Just watched this - am amazed by what happened. Mother and step-father of 12 and 8 yo's entrusted their kids to a member of airline staff to put them safely on the plane as security restrictions meant they couldn't go to the gate with them (ludicrous I know). Anyway, SHE PUT THEM ON THE WRONG PLANE. Dad waiting in Houston, Mum and SD in Chicago, kids on plane to LA. OMG. Obviously they got pulled off when someone else realised the mistake but the woman who had taken them down to the plane thought it was hilarious. I'd have killed her! Everyone thought it was really funny - however, they didn't interview the mum about it!!!.

Gobbledigook Mon 31-Jan-05 21:29:03

Oh f**king hilarious. NOT.

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