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RTKangaMummy Sun 30-Jan-05 16:48:19

Are these enough?

Sunday 30 January
10:50pm - 11:55pm
Sky One Nip/Tuck

Tuesday 01 February
10:00pm - 11:05pm
Sky One Nip/Tuck

Thursday 03 February
11:00pm - 12:05am
Sky Mix Nip/Tuck

Sunday 06 February
10:00pm - 11:10pm
Sky One Nip/Tuck

Monday 07 February
10:00pm - 11:10pm
Sky Mix Nip/Tuck

Tuesday 08 February
10:00pm - 11:10pm
Sky One Nip/Tuck

Thursday 10 February
10:00pm - 11:10pm
Sky Mix Nip/Tuck

Sunday 13 February
10:00pm - 11:00pm
Sky One Nip/Tuck

Hope they are correct

PuffTheMagicDragon Sun 30-Jan-05 16:50:01

Oooh, marvellous!

Thanks KangaM - I can just search on here now to check when to watch .

RTKangaMummy Sun 30-Jan-05 16:51:16

Oke Doke

Hope the future ones don't get changed

gingerbear Sun 30-Jan-05 18:02:07

old ones repaeted first, then new series starts 6 Feb???

RT please confirm, I need to start drooling over Julian again............

RTKangaMummy Sun 30-Jan-05 18:06:30




10:00pm - 11:10pm

Sky One

VIDEO Plus+: 8112815
Subtitled, Widescreen

Erica Noughton

Drama series about two plastic surgeons in Miami. As Sean reluctantly celebrates his 40th birthday, Christian urges him to take advantage of the youth-preserving treatments available at the clinic.

Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, Joely Richardson, John Hensley, Valerie Cruz

It says this is new

But I don't watch so am only going on what I read.

PuffTheMagicDragon Sun 30-Jan-05 18:09:54

gingerbear, he is gorgeous isn't he?

gingerbear Sun 30-Jan-05 18:12:20

yep, very slimy and nasty, but gorgeous with it - love to hate.

aloha Sun 30-Jan-05 18:42:19

Ooh ta!

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