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Ultimate force - tonight ???

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pickledonion Sat 29-Jan-05 18:49:55

What has happened to ulitimate force tonight at 9.00pm?? last weeks show, showed a clip for this week but the t.v guide on sky and in the t.v times says Agathea Christie is on.

Lowryn Sat 29-Jan-05 21:02:05

Was thinking exactly the same thing. It can't have been the last episode last week then?

moosh Sun 30-Jan-05 13:46:09

Yes I was wondering that as well as well as that stupid but we watched it, "Scream if you want to get off" that just went off air too.
And with Ultimate Force I was gutted that the original cast was killed off I fancied the arse of the one who played Jamie in it (Billy Elliots big brother in the film). And I can't stand that girl from Londons Burning in it now.

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 11:28:26

Apparently it was not shown because there were 2 other male orrionteered progs

It will be shown at a later date

RTKangaMummy Wed 04-May-05 12:20:54


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