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jenk1 Tue 24-Jun-08 10:53:29

THought id start a new one as the other one is nearly out of space.

i know whos up for eviction...............

but not saying cos dont want to upset anyone.

shabster Tue 24-Jun-08 10:56:49

Just a few clues would be great grin

poshwellies Tue 24-Jun-08 11:07:35

Do you have inside knowledge jenk?

Amapoleon Tue 24-Jun-08 11:09:48

How do you know? Give us a clue! grin

shabster Tue 24-Jun-08 11:14:34

Jenk you aren't in there are you grin

matildax Tue 24-Jun-08 11:20:07

hello again all, can i just say, i dont know if anyone took any notice of sylvias remark,(to a few housemates in the big bedroom) when she said that mohammed had asked her to pretend to be a couple, to get money on the outside, did anyone ever see any footage of this so called convo between her and mo????? im sure she has just made it up, for a bit of attention!!!
i could be wrong, and wondered if anyone had seen it?

beaniesteve Tue 24-Jun-08 11:20:20

I heard it was Mo and Sylvia which I think is weird. Surely Mario deserves some votes.

Also that Stuart is SOOOOOO NOT good looking and I can't understand anyone who thinks he is!

beaniesteve Tue 24-Jun-08 11:21:01

people on Digital spy seem tot hink there was a conversation between mo and Sylvia but that he said it in jest.

matildax Tue 24-Jun-08 11:24:19

if thats the case, and it is sylvia and mo, then i really hope sylvia goes, i cannot stand her ridiculousness over stuart!!! plus shes got a bloke on the outside, i hope he dumps her, shes awfull.
still a huge kat fan, i really hope she gets to the final.

poshwellies Tue 24-Jun-08 11:25:57

Luke and Kat to get to final..

matildax Tue 24-Jun-08 11:26:31

thanks beaniesteve, i thought as much. you can just tell with people like her. i think she is obviously not used to rejection, she is a pretty girl, and i reckon, with men she must pretty much always get what she wants, so stuart must be really doing her head in!!!! silly cow lol

poshwellies Tue 24-Jun-08 11:27:04

Where has bloody Jenk gone? Come on,get back and spill the beans!

matildax Tue 24-Jun-08 11:30:15

i can wait any longer, gotta go, ds is demanding my attention, how very inconsiderate of him!!!!! lol
will check back later. have a good day all xx

shabster Tue 24-Jun-08 11:32:59

Everytime Luke, Mario and his missus speak I blush they all come from really close to where I live....I didn't realise how 'coronation street' my accent is!!! grin

Oh yes and Stu as well - Cheshire PMSL I dont think so - he's more Manc than Shameless grin

jumpingbeans Tue 24-Jun-08 11:37:17

What was the pissing in the cups thing with Mikie? I missed the first bit, just heard them making sure he kept his own cups for use in the bathroom, wtf!

watsthestory Tue 24-Jun-08 11:40:15

Message withdrawn

jumpingbeans Tue 24-Jun-08 11:41:58

tbh, I am going off him a bit.

shabster Tue 24-Jun-08 11:52:30

Mikey was very weird last night with those 'odd' jokes shock

jenk1 Tue 24-Jun-08 12:06:57

well one is a person who at the moment is being very annoying and the other i would say isnt so annoying, well not to me anyway!!!

jenk1 Tue 24-Jun-08 12:08:18

oh sorry someone has already said what i heard/read.

i didnt find mikeys jokes funny at all last night, i didnt see the need to say things like that.

VictorianSqualor Tue 24-Jun-08 12:27:20

He was trying to break barriers about his blindness, I thought they were quite funny, well more the fact that he told them was funny, he must've known how the people in the house would take itwink

Also was talking about sylvia's 'boyfriend' last night to dp, how long were they together has he been in the papers yet?

DP reckons she is a two weeks in 'i love you', two months later- 'I love someone else' type of girl

VictorianSqualor Tue 24-Jun-08 12:28:23

I don't know that I even believe she ahs BF on the outisde til I see proof.

poshwellies Tue 24-Jun-08 12:46:42

I heard it was a 4 yr relationship VS,but I'm unsure-the girl is a fruitloop-cringeworthy

TillyScoutsmum Tue 24-Jun-08 12:51:35

Sylivia scares me - she is a complete nutter... I though Stu handled the conversation last night "yep, you're a lovely girl but I've only known you 2 seconds and aren't up for anything. Anyway, see you later" Peck on the cheek and he was off. Run away from the loon, run away from the loon

Not sure what Jen is up to. I think she fancies Stu and was seeming to indicate during their convo that she had the same situation with Dale (i.e. he fancied her, but she didn't reciprocate)... but then later she was hugging Dale and looking like that was going somewhere. Very confuddling

Mikey's jokes were a bit hmm but I felt mortified for him when they were having a conversation with him about the cups

And Mario slapping Lisa's fishnet tight clad arse, I did not need to see.... ever

chocolatemummy Tue 24-Jun-08 12:53:32

I also dont understand the whole Stuart thing? the other guy is much nicer looking, as for Mike and his stand up...what WAS that all about, some of it was really quite offensive

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