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Green Balloon Club Causes Mass Vomiting in Hazeyjane Household...

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hazeyjane Sat 21-Jun-08 17:51:03

I can't believe that anyone out there doesn't feel nauseous when that song comes on.

Nagapie Sat 21-Jun-08 18:34:13

Had it on in the background yesterday .. could it be any more patronising and cheaply made!!!

hazeyjane Sat 21-Jun-08 19:11:39

It's the "we're just a bunch of normal kids, who care about the planet..." styling, when they are obviously a bunch of stage school kids.

The annoying thing is I can't get the effing song out of my head!

biscuitsmustbedunkedintea Sat 21-Jun-08 21:39:21

Watched it yesterday, wanted to hurl the whole time the kids were on.

However DD did sit and watch it the whole way through, without wandering off to do something else. She has never done that, not even for ITNG.

cmotdibbler Sat 21-Jun-08 21:43:28

We saw the song earlier - cue rapid turn off of TV. I wanted to chuck something at them all.

2shoes Sun 22-Jun-08 16:53:03

talk about cheap crap. kids shouting at the mike. wow

Co13 Mon 21-Jul-08 20:55:03

I think the song is cute and catchy. it really does teach chidren about the world around them!!!

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