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did anyone watched "Tsumami" programme?

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biglips Wed 26-Jan-05 21:00:23

it was really shocking and ssoo sad - i was filling up i was thinking of Lou33.

Hulababy Wed 26-Jan-05 21:02:31

I did. I agree. The stories are so sad, yet also show such amazing courage.

TwoIfBySea Wed 26-Jan-05 21:42:00

Seeing that photo of all the little toddlers at the orphanage and then hearing they were all dead had me tearing up. I am glad they are helping the older ones deal with it through counselling and talking about it.

(I watched the one on BBC and the one on Five. Hard to believe it is a month ago. It is getting like 9/11 where it all begins to feel unreal and then you see footage again).

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