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lou33 Tue 25-Jan-05 19:54:44

Dh wants to know if he has missed the tsunami programme on Equinox, or if not when is it?


Amanda3266 Tue 25-Jan-05 20:08:40

Hi Lou,

Don't know if he's missed it or not but there were loads of tsunami related progs on Channel 4 last night.


lou33 Tue 25-Jan-05 20:17:15

it was specifically the equinox one he wanted.

thanks tho

dinny Tue 25-Jan-05 20:36:12

think I watched it last night, Lou.

lou33 Tue 25-Jan-05 20:37:47

thanks dinny

hermykne Tue 25-Jan-05 20:41:11

yes it was on last night
but there is another one on discovery this thursday, not sure which discovery (there seems to be about 3 of them) though

lou33 Tue 25-Jan-05 21:03:27

thanks hermykne

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