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Am i the only one who hates Big Brother?

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mamadadawahwah Tue 25-Jan-05 16:18:15

Watching this show (which i must cause dh hogs the tv) is worse than watching paint dry. Though thankfully this time Davina was put offguard by Jackie Stalone. I mean, talk about cheap tv. Is there a reason for it? Why do we watch such glop. Further, i know plenty of children who watch it.

SeaShells Tue 25-Jan-05 16:21:23

I agree with you! I can't stand to have the celebrity big brother on in our house, it is banned! The normal big brother on the other hand, I like though.

Sponge Tue 25-Jan-05 16:21:40

I'm with you.
I don't so much hate it as just have no interest in it. I've never watched an episode and I never will.

joash Tue 25-Jan-05 16:23:54

Same here - not one person in my house likes to watch this rubbish. What is the point of 'reality-tv' at all? Surely, what we want and need is entertainment when we sit in front of the box. We have enough reality in our lives without fake or forced reality being dumped in our living rooms.

mamadadawahwah Tue 25-Jan-05 16:27:18

Yeah, you can fool some of the people all the time, etc etc. are we watching a mirror image of what is really happening to us?? CCTV etc. Its a great irony.

CountessDracula Tue 25-Jan-05 16:27:46

totally disinterested

Titania Tue 25-Jan-05 16:28:20

i can't atand it. saw the first couple of episodes of the first series and hated it. Never again. YAWN.............

FineFigureFio Tue 25-Jan-05 16:30:39

I luuurve it

doggiewalker Tue 25-Jan-05 16:31:31

It's boring.

bundle Tue 25-Jan-05 16:48:46

I really don't like it. I also don't like Frasier, Fawlty Towers and those really bad programmes on a Sunday night (?Heartbeat, where the heart is?? ffs)

doggiewalker Tue 25-Jan-05 16:50:39

I'm with you Bundle. Progs I like are documentaries like the one that was on last night about the people who have Parda-Willi (sp) syndrome, basically they have an eating addiction and could eat themselves to death.

Do like Desperate Housewives/ Nip/tuck though.

Ameriscot2005 Tue 25-Jan-05 16:51:25

I've never seen it, or any of the spin-offs it spawned.

bundle Tue 25-Jan-05 16:53:12

have recorded first 3 episodes of desperate housewives...waiting for a haagen dazs moment...

BethAndHerBrood Tue 25-Jan-05 17:35:05

I thought it was just me?!!I hate it!! Haven't seen any of it, can't bear it!

BethAndHerBrood Tue 25-Jan-05 17:36:05

Have seen adverts for the new series of nip n tuck. must start soon!

weightwatchingwaterwitch Tue 25-Jan-05 17:51:06

I detest it too and have only ever watched about 5 minutes of it. That's 5 minutes spread across every BB ever shown!

paolosgirl Tue 25-Jan-05 17:55:12

No, you're not the only one. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Cannot see the point of watching some boring exhibitionists living in a house together for 24 hours a day. It's boring and tedious and I'm sounding like my mother.

leglebegle Tue 25-Jan-05 17:56:44

no its the biggest pile of crap, in the kingdom of crapdom.

Marula Tue 25-Jan-05 18:21:36

Message withdrawn

tallulah Tue 25-Jan-05 18:32:37

Never watched it, never will.

Don't get any of this BBC3 "comedy" either... I know I'm getting old but DH was watching something last night that was cringingly dire & so unfunny.

LapsedGymJunkie Tue 25-Jan-05 19:16:56

In a word NO

cloudy Tue 25-Jan-05 19:24:07

Completely can't see the point when it's ordinary people, but I can half understand wanting to see celebs.... DH hates it even more than me, though; he can't see the point under any circumstances.

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