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Big Cook, Little Cook on 5 now!

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dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 23:11:20

In their normal guises!!! Love em!

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 23:13:31

Little Cook Small is cute!

SPARKLER1 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:13:52

oh bugger - am upstairs now - can't be arsed to get out of bed and go down. What are they doing?

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 23:14:33

Message withdrawn

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 23:17:13

on some prog about TV progs.....
Small looks lovely (well, relatively speaking). I now fancy him more than Ben

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 23:17:58

though actually fancy neither at all - just amazed he is taller than 2 inches and quite attractive

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