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SPARKLER1 Sun 23-Jan-05 21:34:31


jodee Sun 23-Jan-05 21:35:01


SPARKLER1 Sun 23-Jan-05 21:35:07

I so thought Kenzie would. Wanted Bridgette to win personally.

lunavix Sun 23-Jan-05 21:35:11


Speedy junky dancer blokes makes good

At least he'll be able to buy that car to drive his kids to school

lockets Sun 23-Jan-05 21:36:39

Message withdrawn

jane313 Sun 23-Jan-05 21:37:00

How much money do they get then? I thought it all went to charity. But then he seemed to be getting all that money he stuck to himself.

lunavix Sun 23-Jan-05 21:38:15

I think they get paid something.. then the prize fund goes to charity.. or something.. don't know. I just remember reading that he needed to go on the show cos he can't afford a car!

Azure Mon 24-Jan-05 16:31:44

Weren't they paid £50k to appear and then he won £50k prize money? Should be able to afford a nice car for that. I'm very suspicious about him winning, I must say. One of the major bookmakers refused to take any more bets the other day because there was some insider information. Can't be bothered to work out any conspiracy theories, though, and haven't seen whether there's anything in the press today.

wheresmyfroggy Mon 24-Jan-05 16:33:16

I tipped bez to win on the first night, wish i'd paid a visit to the bookies myself now

Hulababy Mon 24-Jan-05 16:33:37

Think Bez was favourite from very early on in the competition.

Isn't he short of money becasue of helping out an elderly neighbour to stop her being evicted from her hosue, or something?

wheresmyfroggy Mon 24-Jan-05 16:36:58

Prob more likely skint from helping his neighbour shaun ryder!

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