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24 series3

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lowcalCOD Mon 17-Jan-05 14:29:10

has anyyone noticed Jim from meighbours is in it
adn was in series 2?

we have just started watching three

FrenchGirl Mon 17-Jan-05 15:00:28

have no idea who Jim from neighboiurs is cods but series 4 is staring on 30th Jan !!!!! hooray!

FrenchGirl Mon 17-Jan-05 17:49:28

oi coddy are you starting threads and then ignoring fabulous replies such as mine?

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 17-Jan-05 17:52:23

did you know that the complete dvd series are being sold for £19.99 each on

nasa Mon 17-Jan-05 17:54:46

oh my god, have just finished watching 3 (brother lent me the box set) - fantastic! I love love love jack bauer - it's not keither sutherland particularly but just his character. How good is 24 though? The writing is very clever to leave it on a cliffhanger at the end of each episode
quite jealous actually, we finished watching it last night and now I feel quite lost

lowcalCOD Mon 17-Jan-05 19:07:43

sorry frenchie, had kids to entertain

FrenchGirl Mon 17-Jan-05 20:01:13

pah!!! that old excuse

lowcalCOD Thu 20-Jan-05 12:24:34

dh has downloaded the CTU ringtone
I must say (as an avid ringtone hater) thats its very goood

lowcalCOD Wed 26-Jan-05 17:27:16

and Jill who uused to be on nypd blue is is on int -w iht enormous lips

lowcalCOD Wed 26-Jan-05 17:27:56


weightwatchingwaterwitch Wed 26-Jan-05 18:20:04

Ooh, we've watched up to episode 4 of series 4 and it's very good! Must tell dp about that ringtone, bet he wants it!

pickledonion Wed 26-Jan-05 18:22:03

we also watching series 24 we've watched up to series 6 at it's good stuff

lowcalCOD Wed 26-Jan-05 18:23:27

we are on episode 5 of 3

pickledonion Wed 26-Jan-05 18:24:03

Must say 24 is my fav at the mo - def keeps you on the edge of your seat

bunny2 Wed 26-Jan-05 19:14:20

we are watching episode 3 tonight - love it love it love it

havent spotted jim though

lowcalCOD Sat 29-Jan-05 16:10:55

no JIm is in dvd nomber 2

TracyK Sat 29-Jan-05 16:14:40 down to £17.99 - may well buy it. is it series 4 that is just starting on sky this weekend?

franch Sat 29-Jan-05 16:18:58

Will I enjoy series 4 never having watched any of the other series? Don't think I'll ever be able to catch up now - 72h of TV a bit too ambitious when I barely get to watch half an hour every once in a blue moon

TracyK Sat 29-Jan-05 16:23:13

imo the first series was the best - try and get through that one to get a flavour of it. but i think you could still watch no 4 on its own.

lowcalCOD Sat 29-Jan-05 16:38:30

apparently series 4 is very diferednt whith ony 2 memebrs of the orginal cast ( acc to todays tv mag)

doggiewalker Sat 29-Jan-05 17:06:01

Oh I also love 24 and we are looking forward to series 4, although it is a bit of a commitment isn't it? (24 weeks I mean)

Who tapes and watches later so as to miss the adverts? When you do that it only takes 45 mins to watch, not one hour.

nasa Sat 29-Jan-05 17:37:30

cod - where did dh get teh CTU ringtone from? I've been looking for that for ages

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