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Love Child ADOPTION ITV1 11.15pm Tonight

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RTKangaMummy Sun 16-Jan-05 19:08:36



aloha Sun 16-Jan-05 19:21:38

It was very good last week. Heartrending.

RTKangaMummy Sun 16-Jan-05 19:53:17

bumpity bump

RTKangaMummy Sun 16-Jan-05 20:53:17

bumpity bump

Amanda3266 Sun 16-Jan-05 21:02:21

Missed this last week - will definitely watch tonight. One of my friends is about to adopt and the process has been absolutely heartbreaking for her.

RTKangaMummy Sun 16-Jan-05 21:03:30

It is very good

I was adopted as a baby

They showed all sides or triangle

RTKangaMummy Sun 16-Jan-05 21:26:05


Christie Sun 16-Jan-05 21:45:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiktok Mon 17-Jan-05 18:14:36

I was fascinated to see that one woman traced her mother, and then found out almost accidentally she had had another baby (her sister) which she was saying nothing about, and then after she died, the two sisters discovered yet a third baby, again whose existence their mother never disclosed. The three sisters are now good friends.

aloha Mon 17-Jan-05 18:17:53

Shocking what they did to those girls who would have made fantastic mothers to the children they were forced to give up. So pleased Nimmy March found her dad!

Surfermum Mon 17-Jan-05 18:38:58

I feel asleep around the time that Nimmy's birth mother had said she didn't want contact. What happened to the lovely lady who was living in Denmark? Did she ever get to meet Michael?

lockets Mon 17-Jan-05 18:40:52

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Mon 17-Jan-05 18:41:41

No she was writing to him and he was re[lying and then all of a sudden the letters stopped

Surfermum Mon 17-Jan-05 18:42:54

Oh poor woman, she was so sweet .

RTKangaMummy Mon 17-Jan-05 18:43:26

I had 2 thoughts that either he had got frightened or somethijng had happened to him.

If it was the first I completely understand

lockets Mon 17-Jan-05 18:45:02

Message withdrawn

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