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anyone else watch and addicted to River city?

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nailpolish Fri 14-Jan-05 22:31:11

cant get enough of it! move over Eastenders and Coronation st.

my fave is Scarlet. she cracks me up

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 21:40:23

SURELY not just me

LapsedGymJunkie Fri 21-Jan-05 21:44:33

What exactly is river city ? and what channel/region is it on ? and how scurilous is it ??

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 21:48:02

its on after eastenders (just finished) here in scotland. totally brilliant

if you have satellite, watch it

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 21:48:17

its a soap

Aimsmum Fri 21-Jan-05 21:53:12

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 21:54:47

oh thank god! i think i love you aimsmum

dont you hate eileen is nt she a BITCH

i love scarlet, she is so funny

Aimsmum Fri 21-Jan-05 21:59:23

Message withdrawn

miam Fri 21-Jan-05 22:00:03

Wish I had a TV

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 22:02:11

michelle is really pretty, her and boab (lol) make a great couple. who is the lad who was kipping in the caravan? missed that one.

its funny the michelle and rochelle, boab must get so confused!

kellymarie is a hoot too, shes so quick with her wit.

what do you think is going to happen with mac and zoe?

and vader and alanna?

Aimsmum Fri 21-Jan-05 22:10:27

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Fri 21-Jan-05 22:13:40

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 22:14:17

yes, i am a true addict of River City, i t has to be said. was a bit sceptical at 1st but i really think its much better than any other soap. and the set is great, very lifelike. i got hooked when Hazel was kidnapped

Aimsmum Fri 21-Jan-05 22:18:27

Message withdrawn

tabitha Fri 21-Jan-05 22:22:20

My dh loves it too . He thinks Roisin is the funniest thing ever!

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 22:23:36

i saw her being interviewed on telly and she was exactly the same in rl!

Aimsmum Fri 21-Jan-05 22:32:43

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Fri 21-Jan-05 22:34:17

it was exactly the same!

tabitha Fri 21-Jan-05 22:35:00

I thought the same Aimsmum, that it was just too ott to be true

Aimsmum Wed 02-Feb-05 20:38:30

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Wed 02-Feb-05 20:39:53


ive missed it this week - quick quick give me an update!!!

maybe hes not her brother? has he been in it before? did michelle just say he was her bro and everyone believed her?

this is the best soap ever

nailpolish Wed 02-Feb-05 20:40:40

last i saw was lewis giving that scary speech in the ship

blimey he was scarey della should be sh*tting herself

Aimsmum Wed 02-Feb-05 20:42:53

Message withdrawn

mummygow Wed 02-Feb-05 20:42:57

I love river city too but have missed the last couple of weeks but I thought Michelle was up to no good when she gave Boab that list of things she needed..

nailpolish Wed 02-Feb-05 20:44:05

she pinched money from his garage, and then 'brother' got new shoes

poor boab he is such a softie

i hope hes not rochelles dad

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