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judge john delicious deed

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lowcalCOD Fri 14-Jan-05 10:32:53

except for that cardigan he always wears
I missed it! is it repeated?

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 14-Jan-05 10:34:59

dunno, but if I was Mrs Mills, I'd throw him over his desk and ravish him.

Angeliz Fri 14-Jan-05 11:23:09

Is that Martin Shaw?
My mam hates him with a passion but had a dream the other night that he asked her to go to B+Q with him to choose some floor tiles!!!!

alicatsg Fri 14-Jan-05 11:55:03

I thought the programme was awful but watched him till the end in abject devotion. lovely lovely lovely,

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 14-Jan-05 12:28:06

Yes, its not that good in the quality stakes as far as drama is concerned, but I have always liked Martin Shaw. He's better without his bubble curls from his "The Professionals" days.

Blu Fri 14-Jan-05 12:29:23

Nah, he just doesn't rustle my brief.

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 14-Jan-05 12:30:36

Not a patch on Gordon Brown though.

tiredemma Sun 16-Jan-05 14:55:20

martin shaw went to mine and nutrackers school.... although a good few years before we were there.

coddy- we went to a school you worked at didnt we??

Lonelymum Sun 16-Jan-05 15:01:45

Judge John Deed used to be quite good drama but now the storylines are more and more boring and even MS didn't do it for me last week. What has happened to the man?

lowcalCOD Sun 16-Jan-05 16:07:04

OH yes emma
9 longyears

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