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Any Shameless fans ????

(4 Posts)
birdsong Wed 12-Jan-05 10:41:04

watched for the first time last week and sat there with mouth wide open .The most bizarre programme I've ever watched. Need to get hold of 1st series and catch up with story line .

hoxtonchick Wed 12-Jan-05 10:45:02

i love it, but haven't watched this series as it's on too late for me (pathetic, i know).

lowcalCOD Wed 12-Jan-05 10:45:39

yes a bit like the court clientele Ill see for it to be funny

Donbean Wed 12-Jan-05 10:46:21

Fab Fab Fab programme, love it! Makes me laugh out loud and cringe at the same time..fab.

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