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tammylove Mon 10-Jan-05 16:22:16

Am i informed correctly and it starts on SKYone on the 31st Jan?
Does anyone know what time its on? Im a true fan xx

MrsBigD Mon 10-Jan-05 16:33:07

yes it does and I think it's 2200 as the last time due to 'graphic' images

Best bet is to check the sky site I guess.

DH watched all of the first series, I tried to but was usually to shattered and fell asleep!

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 10-Jan-05 16:39:06

OMG, THANK YOU for this info.

I am Julian Mcmahon's number 1 fan.

MrsBigD Mon 10-Jan-05 17:03:35

he's the pretty one isn't he
Well you really have to see a movie he did a while ago... buggered if I can think of the title now... I think it's 'the way she moves'. He plays a salsa dancer .... yum

tammylove Mon 10-Jan-05 19:15:29

He is pretty isnt he? xx

mrsflowerpot Mon 10-Jan-05 19:20:17

v excited now, have been trying to find out when this was starting again... and DH is away Monday nights so I can be sad and addicted without interruption, yay.

SofiaAmes Mon 10-Jan-05 21:57:06

I've got his home phone number.

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 10-Jan-05 22:07:38

Moomin Mon 10-Jan-05 23:04:49

can you believe - in the ST this week there was an interview with joely richardson and she's sposed to be seeing ...........................

..... her on-screen son, the bloke that plays matthew!!!!!
He's 27 in RL apparently. looks about 13!

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 10-Jan-05 23:05:31

Now him I DON'T fancy!

MrsBigD Tue 11-Jan-05 07:23:36

and another bit of trivia... the son also plays a role in 'Witchblade' so I thought he couldn't possibly be as young as he's supposed to be

I know I'm sad... I do watch a lot of sci-fi trash when I get the chance... relaxes the mind as thinking not required

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