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Derren Brown on channel 4 now

(19 Posts)
juniperdewdrop Fri 07-Jan-05 23:05:56

He really spooks me out but I can't help myself

juniperdewdrop Fri 07-Jan-05 23:07:53

??? how is he doing this?

sallystrawberry Sat 08-Jan-05 00:11:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Satine Sat 08-Jan-05 00:13:19

He is a witch. Must be. Makes all these 'crossing over' programmes look a little silly, now, eh?! Just incredible.

juniperdewdrop Sat 08-Jan-05 00:13:26

fgs it's not as if i fancy him.......

juniperdewdrop Sat 08-Jan-05 00:14:22

he must have psychic ability though he isn't admitting to surely? He knows bizarre things.

Satine Sat 08-Jan-05 00:16:37

No, I really don't think he is psychic, just a very very astute reader of other people's body language. And a brilliant magician and showman!

juniperdewdrop Sat 08-Jan-05 00:51:12

scary though wouldn't like to meet him in RL

BigGayDad Sat 08-Jan-05 01:05:10

He'd make a good salesman

juniperdewdrop Sat 08-Jan-05 01:07:02

you'd buy from him out of fear tho

I find him strangely attractive though in a hypnotic kind of way......(shhh don't tell sally )

lou33 Sat 08-Jan-05 01:09:32

i wonder how many people they film don't do as he wants though? I would be instantly suspicious of anything he asked/did/told me I think. But i am extremely cynical.

BigGayDad Sat 08-Jan-05 01:09:47

Mrs BGD says he's scary, but still has to watch every show

juniperdewdrop Sat 08-Jan-05 01:12:22

now you know why

I'd still not want to meet him though lou, he could be satanic!!!

Satine Sat 08-Jan-05 17:46:30

I wonder if he is any better at understanding his girlfriend/wife than other blokes?!

lowcalCOD Sat 08-Jan-05 17:53:05

you all need to go to watch him on tour this spring
he is fantastic and very funny/intelligent

Tinker Sat 08-Jan-05 18:00:25

This was fantastic. Still don't know how he does it at all. I'm cynical and don't feel I'm very open to suggestion but if I didn't know who he was , like the Americans on this, how would I know what he was about to do? Think those who left the Christian conversion (and that was very spooky) were scared of being "converted". I know I would be!

lowcalCOD Sat 08-Jan-05 18:02:32

sandwhich tinker!

Tinker Sat 08-Jan-05 18:03:05

huh cod?????

lowcalCOD Wed 12-Jan-05 09:57:29


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