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please sign up for reminders NEVER MISS AGAIN!!!!!!!

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kangamummy Wed 05-Jan-05 23:08:26

My name is Kangamummy and I am a telly addict

Please sign up for reminders of programmes you want reminding that they are on.

If you want to leave your msn address I can msn you for a personal service

PLease say what programme you want and your name and I will endeavour to please

kangamummy Wed 05-Jan-05 23:26:44

please sign up here

I will be able to offer a better service if it is all one one thread

juniperdewdrop Wed 05-Jan-05 23:30:10

do you do taping too

kangamummy Wed 05-Jan-05 23:32:31

I only use DVDs now

but sorry am unable to offer that service at this time

juniperdewdrop Thu 06-Jan-05 00:01:47


juniperdewdrop Thu 06-Jan-05 00:02:21


remind me never to try typing on msn and mn at the same time lol

secur Thu 06-Jan-05 00:12:21

Message withdrawn

kangamummy Thu 06-Jan-05 00:59:13


RadioTimeskangamummy Sat 08-Jan-05 23:07:30

anyone else?

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