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Wacko about Jacko

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Yurtgirl Tue 04-Jan-05 21:14:50

Message withdrawn

MrsBigD Sun 09-Jan-05 19:24:27

well ... he did do some good music. I guess some people differentiate between the art and the artist?

Personally I like the old stuff and not keen on the new stuff.

And he is most definitely a total wacko!

kalex Sun 09-Jan-05 19:36:57

Watched it, was very weird. The fans totally believe his innocence without any facts, they just like the music.

Imagine spending all your money flying backwards and forwards to stand in crowds of fans, for a man who doesn't know you exist (and apart for you buying his records) (which make him really rich) doesn't care, tells you that he loves more and more.

What went wrong in these peoples life's wrong that they believe him.

Yurtgirl Sun 09-Jan-05 20:07:48

Message withdrawn

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