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Hulababy Tue 04-Jan-05 20:30:19

Anyone watching?

The darts player, Andy Ford, has 19 stone to lose! Wow! He struggled to walk over 100m. But - good on him, for giving it a go. Hope he does well.

kangasantamummy Tue 04-Jan-05 20:31:12

I think he is very brave to do this on TV

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Tue 04-Jan-05 20:32:09

I'm watching this and posting in between my DS1s homework. Really hope Andy Ford does it.

Hulababy Tue 04-Jan-05 20:34:09

He looked genuinely shocked and upset to find out his true weight. Think he has to do this as his weight is now a real health issue.

AuntyQuated Tue 04-Jan-05 20:48:06

what is \Ann widdacombe doing on the panel; she just toook the piss last time and flounced!!!

misdee Tue 04-Jan-05 20:50:55

He said in an interview a while ago he had to lose weight, as he suffered heat exhaustion at a darts match, and knew then it was time to lose weight. Think the beer may be his biggest downfall

ZoeBristol Tue 04-Jan-05 21:13:06

Lizzy what a night mare ! I am from Rochadale and my goodness I will now say iam from Manchester !

woodpops Wed 05-Jan-05 09:21:08

I think it takes alot for a bloke to go on a diet let alone go on a diet with the nation watching good on him.

Don't know how they can call it celerbrity though. Z listers or what???

northerner Wed 05-Jan-05 09:46:53

Since when did Lizzy Bardsey become a celeberity FFS.

ZoeBristol Wed 05-Jan-05 11:54:06

Lizzy was on wife swap what a nasty mouth she has. Hope she has learnt from her last TV apperance. I would love to go on a fitness frenzy with Harvey whipping me all the way !!!

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