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Big Barn Farm - who does the voiceover?

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deaconblue Wed 09-Apr-08 11:50:41

I'm sure I recognise the voice but there's no credits either before or after the programme

martini82 Wed 09-Apr-08 14:01:46

not sure could be neil morrosey its bugging me too!!

mcnoodle Wed 09-Apr-08 14:23:59

god the theme tune goes round and round my head - too many words sung too quickly, sort of stumble through them, get to end and do an emphatic 'Down in Big Barn Farm'.

2shoes Wed 09-Apr-08 16:05:22

it's andy who. ever andy is

deaconblue Wed 09-Apr-08 20:55:31

maybe Andy the Cbeebies presenter bloke then? Where did it say that? I've even looked at the cbeebies website - what a saddo

2shoes Wed 09-Apr-08 22:49:52

i have decided it is him. I have no sources to back this up though

nannynick Wed 09-Apr-08 23:31:15

Petal = Gemma Harvey source

Music composed by Peter Miller and Ian Porter source

Can't locate anything about the narrator though.
I think Music vocal may be Neil Morrisey, though hard to tell.

shrub77 Wed 09-Apr-08 23:32:59

mcnoodle The theme music is diff at the start and end of the prog - that doesn't help learning the words!!!

mypandasgotcrabs Thu 10-Apr-08 00:10:14

Definately sounds like Neil Morrisey. And would like to point out that today was the 1st time I've ever heard it, just wanted to make it clear I'm not an addict of the show! wink

deaconblue Thu 10-Apr-08 11:19:43

you see I reckon if it was Neil Morrissey they would have his name all over the credits. Mmm how can I know for sure?? Can't believe something so trivial is bugging me so much

drdad Fri 11-Apr-08 19:48:15

Surely it's Dominic 'Zorst from Space Pirates' Byrne, isn't it?

Macdog Fri 11-Apr-08 20:00:19

This has been bugging me too.
I even emailed the production company PR dept, but no reply....

mypandasgotcrabs Fri 11-Apr-08 20:32:10

The boys had it on today, and no, it's definately not Neil Morrissey, but definately a familiar voice.

drdad, definately not Dom, I'd recognise his voice instantly, and they'd have gone on & on about it on Chris Moyles if it was him!

Macdog, I nearly texted AQA, but decided probably best not to waste a pound on it. grin

Tutter Fri 11-Apr-08 20:33:34

i thought neil morrissey too

Washersaurus Fri 11-Apr-08 20:39:24

I thought it was Dominic Byrne too

Tinker Fri 11-Apr-08 20:44:16

It's definitely not Neil Morrissey. Every time I read thsi thread I have teh theme tune in my head for hours.

Orinoco Fri 11-Apr-08 20:49:01

Message withdrawn

deaconblue Fri 11-Apr-08 20:52:43

lol. I wondered this morning if it was Dominic Byrne too although the theme tune is definitely sung by someone different to the narration I reckon. Can't believe you emailed the production company, although am very relieved someone else is as sad as I am

mypandasgotcrabs Fri 11-Apr-08 21:36:54

I have stopped short at watching lots of cbeebies progs on the iplayer, but could it be Mr Maker?

nancy75 Fri 11-Apr-08 21:38:24

it really sound like richard bacon to me, but that would be a bit odd considering his past umm indiscretions!

2shoes Fri 11-Apr-08 23:11:11

I still reckon it is andy the cbeeb presenter

Tinker Mon 14-Apr-08 23:23:17

Look! We can sing along now smile

mypandasgotcrabs Mon 14-Apr-08 23:28:25

I think you may be right 2shoes. Was laid in bed this morning listening very carefully to the voiceover & then Andy was the presenter afterwards, good call. (shit! have I just admitted to letting the boys put cbeebies on while I get a little extra rest in the morning! blush) Think the theme tune is Neil Morrissey though.

fannysparkle Wed 16-Apr-08 21:32:21

I don't think it's Andy doing voiceover or Neil Morrissey singing theme tune, sorry guys. I have a freaky talent for picking up on voices and i don't pick up either of those two but i will do my best to find out who does do it as it will drive me mad till i do!grin

Macdog Thu 17-Apr-08 11:18:20

I vaguely wondered if it was Stephen Tompkinson doing song.

(Still no reply from production company....)

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