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Are there any fans of Little Britain & David Walliams out there?

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Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:13:00

I have a couple of friends who like this programme and a couple who don't. Others have either never seen or heard of it.

Personally, I think it is GENIUS and David Walliams is soooooooooooo gorgeous, he was on the 'Big Fat Quiz of the Year' the other night and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen even though I was shattered.

paolosgirl Fri 31-Dec-04 20:15:54

There was a thread about the delicious David the other night. Yum yum - and he's mine cos I saw him first!! I think Little Britain (with the exception of a couple of characters ) is brilliant - the best thing to hit the screens in ages.

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:17:03

Wahey, another fan, nope nope, he is mine, I have tickets to seem them next year, downtcha know

Get some weight off and then I'll be throwing my knickers at him, if I did it know I'd be throwing wind breakes

lockets Fri 31-Dec-04 20:17:43

Message withdrawn

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:18:21

I loved Matt Lucas from the moment I saw him on shooting stars 'He's a baby, he's a baby'.

paolosgirl Fri 31-Dec-04 20:20:29

No way, Dizzy, he's mine. In fact I'm going to marry him (if dh is OK with the suggestion!). Where are you going to see them - you lucky lucky girl???

lockets Fri 31-Dec-04 20:20:41

Message withdrawn

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:22:28

Sheffield, I got the tickets the day they came on sale, I can really imagine he is a top bloke, the same with David Walliams. Just hope this fame doesn't go to their heads and they turn into complete prats.

Frizbe Fri 31-Dec-04 20:23:54

making of on bbc3 now!

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:23:54

Lockets, if you don't mind me asking, what does your dh do?

And, errrrrr (shifty looking emoticon) can he get me David Walliams phone number?

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:25:30

Bugger, only 5 minutes left.

wheresmyfroggy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:27:36

Saw the making of the other day, was almost funnier than the show itself, Lucas and Walliams come across really well in it too!

paolosgirl Fri 31-Dec-04 20:27:47

I wonder if they're coming up to Scotland? I must have a look...they both seem really nice. There was a programme on the other night about the making of Little Britain, and they seem like normal, down to earth guys. Shame David has got quite so much of an eye for the ladies . Still, I'm sure he'll want to settle down and breed with me just as soon as I can come up with a cunning plan as to how I can actually be in the same room with the man

lockets Fri 31-Dec-04 20:30:29

Message withdrawn

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:31:33

If he has to breed with anyone, it has to be me, only thing is I look like Bubbles DeVere, hmmmmmm, wonder if he likes that in a woman

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:32:24

I would FOREVER in your debt, lol, don't think Uncle Fester (dh) would be happy though.

paolosgirl Fri 31-Dec-04 20:34:20

Lockets, how about his address then? Or maybe he would like my phone number? That sound you can hear are my eggs dying, so I'm going to have to meet the man SOON!!!

wheresmyfroggy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:35:01

Bubbles devere and uncle fester! What a pairing!!!!!!!!!

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:36:31

Cheeky mooo

SPARKLER1 Fri 31-Dec-04 20:36:41

Have only watched it a few times and have to say I just loooove that character (can't remember her name) that he plays of the bristolian teenager. Very funny.

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:37:25

Sparkler, I think you mean Vicky Pollard, my fave character has to be anne

wheresmyfroggy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:39:43

Watch how you talk to me dizzy i'm the man with the number you need

Dizzylizzy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:42:16

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh hello

paolosgirl Fri 31-Dec-04 20:43:43

Vicki and Emily are the best IMO, closly followed by Sebastian and Marjory. But they are all brilliant!

paolosgirl Fri 31-Dec-04 20:45:08

I missed that Froggy....have you REALLY got his number??? What can I give you in return? I have 2 children, one of each - take your pick

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